The Circle Michelle Rider; Husband, Age & Net Worth

Michelle Rider is a comedian who works as an independent entertainer. She is even preparing to participate in a stand-up comedy tour.

Also, she is an Executive Administrative Assistant to the Sr. Head of Operations at Belk.

Rider was additionally selling stock like T-shirts, sweaters, cups, tights, hoodies, and so on.

Michelle Rider On The Circle

The Circle is an unscripted TV drama that premiered in the United Kingdom in 2018 and then found its way to the American reality landscape in 2020.

The British version has four seasons, whereas the American version has three, with the third season due to premiere on September 8, 2021.

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The accompanying eight members for the impending season are Nick Uhlenhuth, Calvin King Crooks, Chanel, and Ava Marie Capra, Ruksana Carroll, Michelle Rider, Matt Pappadia, Daniel Cusimano, and Kai Ghost.

The show will be facilitated by comic entertainer Michelle Buteau.

Michelle herself reported her support just 20 hours prior (27 August 2021).

Discover Michelle Rider’s age, height, job, husband, family, and net worth in this article.

Michelle Rider Bio; Age, Family, Siblings, Height

Michelle Rider of age 53 was born on 13 August 1968.

The comedian’s surname is Belk, and she was born into the Belk family of Pacolet, South Carolina.

Roger Eugene Belk and Anna Lou Jackson Belk were her parents. Her parents had been married for more than 49 years when her father died in 2013 at the age of 67.

Rider’s grandparents were Javis Monroe Belk Jr. and Gaynelle Copper Belk, both of whom have already passed away.

Likewise, she has a good sibling bond with her brothers and sisters, Chris Belkand Randy Belk.

Michelle stands at the height of 5 ft 7 inches and weighs roughly 63 kilograms.

How Much Net Worth does Michelle Rider have? Her Job

Michelle had two profiles on LinkedIn.

She is a freelance comedian by profession, but as a part of her job, she works as an Executive Administrative Assistant to the Senior Head of Operations at Belk.

Rider’s career has taken off in Tiktok, and she’s been booking parody performances all over the place. Indeed, she intended to attend WudTok in September.

Her work as a comedian has netted her a significant fortune. As of now, Michelle enjoys an estimated net worth of $100k.

Does Michelle Rider have a Husband? More on her Personal Life

Michelle Rider is a married woman with two children. She has a husband named Jason Rider. In the year 2001, the couple exchanged wedding vows.

Brandon Shuler and Jennifer Nichole, Magen Rodrigues, and Ashton Elizabeth Rider are their four children from their relationship.

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Brandon was a member of the US Marine Corps and was imprisoned by Morgan Berry.

They also had a child together at the time. Michelle posted on Facebook in September 2020 about the arrival of her grandson, Shuler.

We have no idea where Jennifer went, but she was a married woman with four children.

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