Top Tips for Playing Bingo Online

Easy and convenient is what describes bingo in a nutshell. The game, which was quite the rage back in the day, is making a swift comeback. The advent of online gaming has made it a nice gateway game to try out other options. Almost everyone is familiar with it, and the prizes can be quite big, especially online.

Tips to play online bingo

But it is not just a game of luck, as might appear. In fact, there are some very specific tactics and strategies that can be applied to improve the odds of winning. Here are some of the top tips for winning an online bingo game.


1. Stay alert: It sounds obvious but cannot be underlined enough. To win the game, pay close attention to the numbers being called out on the screen. This will help you cross them out accurately. There is an option in online gaming where the numbers cross out automatically. You can be more relaxed if it is available. But if not, then it is advisable to stay sharp!

2. Find quiet times: Your chances of winning are higher if there are fewer players in the game. The reasoning is simple. With lesser competition, your odds of hitting bingo are improved. Typically, weekdays, when most people are at work is a good time to try. Even odd hours like early in the morning or late at night could work.

3. Socialise more: A golden opportunity for success in gaming is through chatting with other players. They could have more experience than you. These rooms can be friendly, and the other players are helpful. They might hand down handy tips and tricks that have worked for them. So, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can learn from them and apply the tactics to your game.

4. Number of cards: It is straightforward to understand that the more cards you have, the higher your chances of success. This is a more price proposition than buying just one card, but if you are willing to do so, it could be beneficial. On some online bingo sites, you do not even have to keep track of the numbers. This is a natural apprehension because it can be hard to keep up with multiple cards. So it crosses out numbers that have been called automatically for you.

5. Choose better odds: Some games have more options to win than others. Like Jackpotjoy says on how to win bingo, some games have five ways of winning instead of the usual three. Like its Superlink 75 game, which has a five-line version of the game. Alternatively, you could try out the 75-ball bingo, in lieu of the more common 90-ball bingo. Since it is played with fewer numbers, the odds of winning rise.

6. Diversify the game: There is a range of bingo games available online, so why not try out a few variations? Some might work better for you than others. If you do not want your budget to go overboard, budget yourself, and do not exceed it.

Winning strategies

There are also two winning strategies to consider to get better at bingo. Unlike the tips discussed above, these are not quick tactics to win. Instead, they are based on the selection of cards depending on the numbers they show. Here are two of them:

1. Granville strategy: This was developed by Joseph E Granville, a financial expert, in the 1970s. According to this strategy, the cards purchased should be balanced. This means that they could have high and low numbers distributed equally. Similarly, odd and even numbers should be balanced. And finally, numbers that end with all digits from 1-9 will increase the odds of winning too. He also said that the numbers should ideally be different from each other. So stay away from cards with repeating numbers.

2. Tippett strategy: This strategy gets its name from the British statistician, Leonard Tippett, who first came up with it. According to it, numbers 1 or 75 have higher odds of being called in shorter games. For longer games, numbers in the vicinity of 38 are likely to be called. The reason is that 38 is the average value between 1 and 75. So in a longer game, the numbers will be closer to the average value. Similarly, in a shorter game, he believed that the numbers are more likely to be at the extreme end of the range.

Luck and strategy

Ultimately, though, there is an element of luck in bingo. Online bingo makes it considerably easier to win though. Not the least of this is because you can buy more bingo cards. As a result, numbers get automatically ticked off as and when you find a match. But there are plenty of other tips, like buying more cards, choosing off-peak hours, and trying winning games. Also, strategies based on statistics can come to your aid. Best of luck!