Why are FAB CBD Topicals Getting Popular in the US?

FAB CBD is a reliable and trustworthy brand with some of the most popular CBD products on the market. It prides itself on offering consumers high-quality products that offer value for money. Besides that, it has a wide range of products designed to cater to different needs. Moreover, among all its products, recently, its CBD topical gained more popularity. But can you guess why are FAB CBD Topicals getting popular in the US? Well, to this question, this article offers a review of CBD topicals, how they work, their quality, and their price.

FAB CBD Topicals: Summary

Before jumping to the section of the review, first discuss how FAB CBD Topicals are commercialized in the market. Well, these CBD topicals were produced by a renowned company named FAB CBD company in 2017 with an aim of creating consumer-friendly products for regular use.

FAB CBD Topicals: Reviews

Moreover, before discussing the reason why FAB CBD topicals are getting popular, let’s discuss what CBD Topicals are offered by FAB CBD.


FAB CBD cream topical is usually available in a 2 oz. glass and contains 600 mg full-spectrum hemp CBD extract. It’s renowned for its blood-orange aroma with a natural beige-like appearance.

Pricing: A one-time purchase will cost $49. Those who have subscriptions can save up to 20% off and buy the gummies at $39.20.

Potency: 10.5 mg/ml and is available in a 600 mg bottle

Quality: this is a high-quality product made with full-spectrum CBD. It’s designed for skin care and consists of organic ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, chamomile, and cocoa butter. Additionally, the topical cream product has been subjected to independent 3rd party lab tests.


  • 3X more potent than the average CBD cream
  • Used for muscle, joint support and skin discomfort
  • Lightweight, silky, and non-greasy
  • Lasting shelf life
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients


  • Only available in one strength option


FAB CBD salve is a topical treatment for sore muscles and joints. The full-spectrum formulation is affordable and normally offers full-strength benefits. It’s designed to produce a fire and ice effect, making it ideal for soothing painful and throbbing muscles and joints.

Pricing: The products cost between $79 and $159, depending on the strength. Whereas if you purchase it as a bundle, then the products will cost$205. Besides that, the products are usually cheaper for subscribers and dealing sales season.

Potency: Salves are available in 1000-3000 mg with around 33-40 mg/ml.

Quality: This is a high-quality form of CBD salve that’s made with organic ingredients such as full-spectrum CBD, menthol, ginger oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, etc. The manufacturer usually subjects every product batch to independent 3rd-party tests to verify quality and safety.


  • Can be used on any part of your body in serious need of recovery or relief
  • Great for active golfers, runners, gardeners, cross-fitter, weight lifters, computer warrior
  • Made with cannabidiol and potent essential oils
  • Has a calming scent
  • Available in two strength options


  • Consists of low levels of minor cannabinoids in its profile

How Does FAB CBD CreamWork?

Topical FAB CBD primarily works to provide joint and muscle pain relief. The CBD compound in the product normally binds to the endocannabinoid receptors on the skin. It should be noted that these receptors can significantly influence body functions such as immune response and consequently impact how you experience pain and inflammation. CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and so by working with the endocannabinoid system, it can provide pain relief and ease inflammation.

Overall, FAB CBD cream is a low-risk product that works to produce a localized effect. You need to start by applying a fingertip size of cream on the problematic area.

How Does FAB CBD SALVE Work?

FAB CBD salve is a topical product, just like the cream, and typically works in the same way. CBD and other beneficial plant compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system, enhancing its effectiveness. As a result, the compounds in this salve provide users with full-spectrum benefits by easing pain and inflammation and enhancing inflammation response.

Why are FAB CBD Topicals Getting Popular?

Fab CBD topicals consist of full-spectrum hemp extract. They have a rich cannabidiol profile, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils. As a result, they provide lasting effects, and you can use them to manage pain and inflammation. Besides that, CBD products like gummies, oils, soft gels, and others can affect the entire body because they are taken internally, whereas CBD topicals from FAB CBD can be locally applied to more specific external areas for uses related to:

  • Skin
  • Muscle and joint areas
  • Massage

In fact, these topicals are easy to use, convenient to apply, and an effective way to target certain areas. And the more exciting news is that you can use FAB CBD topicals as often as you need to.

FAB CBD Topicals Reputation

The cumulative rating from user reviews shows that FAB CBD topicals have an excellent reputation. The generally positive reputation is due to the high product quality and the brand’s transparency.  Out of the 114 votes, FAB CBD salve has a rating of 4.9/5. Out of 429 votes, FAB CBD cream has a rating of 4.8/5.

FAB CBD Topicals Quality

FAB CBD applies a CO2 extraction method to ensure that its topical products are clean and non-toxic. The manufacturing process usually happens in a CGMP-certified facility. Both FAB CBD Cream and salve are normally subjected to independent lab tests. The brand normally uses organic ingredients and issues an updated certificate of analysis. So, consumers have access to high-quality products that offer value for money.

FAB CBD Topical Price vs. Value

FAB CBD topicals cost what you’d definitely expect them to cost. But when it comes to value, they simply deliver so much more, unlike most of the products found in the industry. Note that for every dollar you spend, you are guaranteed worthwhile benefits.  The strength of CBD topicals from this brand is 2-3X stronger than the average of other CBD topicals found in the market.

Customer service &Review

This company has a good reputation and one thing that stands out when it comes to customer reviews is its excellent customer service. The responsive team is always on standby and offers answers to questions on time. This top-tier brand has more than 2,000 positive reviews.

How to use FAB CBD Topicals

Use FAB CBD topicals as you would use any other lotion or skincare product. But it’s important to always conduct a patch test for new products to avoid unwanted side effects.

To use the salve or cream, ensure the area is clean and then start by applying a small amount, like fingertip size. This will create a thin layer over the skin. Thereafter, gently rub the topical in. You can always adjust the amount depending on the effects you desire.


  • Are CBD topicals legal?

Yes, CBD topicals are legal products under federal law. Simply ensure that they come from a reputable brand, are made with industrial hemp, and contain 0.3% THC or less.

  • Do FAB CBD topicals expire?

Most products from this brand have a shelf-life of 14-24 months if stored correctly. The topicals can expire due to wrong storage or shelf life since they are made of organic ingredients.

Final Thoughts

FAB CBD topicals mainly consist of creams and salves. They are increasingly becoming popular due to their efficiency. They are made with full-spectrum components that provide lasting pain relief effects. Besides that, these products are uniquely crafted to treat inflammation and hydrate dry skin. The product quality is top-notch, featuring beneficial plant extracts, including CBD. Besides that, they are legal to use and readily available. For maximum benefits, apply the topicals externally, directly on a specific part of the skin, and then gently rub in.