Top 5 Reasons Why UFC is Very Popular in the World

Did you know that 2022’s most-watched UFC fight hit over 2.4 million pay-per-view buys? Besides the millions of live viewers, this feat is just one example of the immense popularity of the competition.

The MMA league is taking the world by storm, growing exponentially over the years since its 1993 commencement. There are several reasons why the UFC is so popular in addition to the amazing UFC odds, that is why we want to share with you why is the UFC such a hit.

  • Idolized Fighters in Big Unpredictable Matches

The UFC has some of the most talented and adored fighters worldwide, like Conor McGregor and Jon Jones.

MMA fans are in awe of their favorite fighters’ tricks and eagerly await the big matchups. These battles are frequently the most-watched and produce the most enthusiasm and buzz.

The UFC also does an excellent job of emphasizing the fighters and their abilities. They promote the boxers and their future fights through various platforms, from social sites to print media.

These efforts build excitement and interest in the battles, allowing fans to feel emotionally attached to their favorite boxers.

  • Diversity and Unpredictability

Men and women from diverse backgrounds fight for titles in different categories. The UFC puts up intriguing fights by placing fighters with various styles and histories against one another. This mix results in a thrilling and unpredictable fight that keeps spectators on the tip of their seats.

You never know what to expect when watching a fight. Some end in moments and others last the entire five rounds. This unpredictability keeps your heart in your mouth the whole while.

The body also has a lengthy history of unexpected upsets, so there’s no telling who’ll come out on top. This surprise factor is what keeps audiences returning for more.

  • The Ultimate Fighter

One of UFC’s foremost success factors is its reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, which first aired in 2005. The program follows a bunch of prospective MMA fighters as they train under UFC trainers, with the winner obtaining a lucrative UFC contract.

The program did a great job of bringing the sport to a broader audience, boosting viewing, and forging an emotional bond with the audience. It also creates an opportunity for aspiring fighters to demonstrate their abilities and seek exposure, resulting in an inflow of new blood in the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter also contributes to the sport’s overall appeal. Spectators get immersed in the show and the competitors, following them into the cage when their turn arrives.

  • Fantasy MMA and UFC Betting

The UFC is a goldmine. Take Conor McGregor claiming the top spot amongst 2021’s top-paid athletes worldwide with $180 million, for example. Want closer proof? Canelo Alvarez placed ninth in 2022 with $90 million.

The UFC derives a significant portion of its revenue from wagering and Fantasy sports. Both enable fans to leverage their enthusiasm for the sport, bringing a new level of anticipation to the competition.

MMA fantasy leagues allow fans to run their teams by selecting or trading UFC fighters. On the other hand, gamblers can place wagers on UFC matches, giving them even more reasons to watch.

The more avenues to enjoy the sport besides match-watching, the more user engagement. An increase in user engagement means more popularity and revenue.

  • Brand Synonimity

You can’t discuss the UFC without addressing two significant insiders: Dana White and Bruce Buffer.

White, the UFC President since 2001, is primarily responsible for the company’s climb to popularity. He’s famous for his commercial acumen, frequently obtaining expensive media and streaming partnerships to expand UFC’s reach.

White’s regular media appearances established him as a familiar game fixture. His dedication to the organization earned him a large following among fans.

Buffer, the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon,” serves as the league’s official announcer. He’s famous for his energetic and dramatic introduction to each battle and his hallmark catchphrase, “It’s Time!”.  His outsized personality made him a crowd favorite and a vital part of the UFC experience.


There’s much to love about the UFC, and the reasons above are only grazing the surface. From its intriguing brawls to its vast advertisements, the league is quickly evolving into one of the world’s most loved sports.

The rise is thanks to its famous fighters, unpredictable fights, dedicated team, and more. With the UFC’s continued growth, there is no doubt that it’ll remain one of the most-watched sports in the following years.