Laura Ingle

Laura Ingle is an American Journalist currently serving as a New York-based correspondent for Fox News Channel. She joined the network in 2005.


Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown is an American television reporter. She is CNN’s White House Correspondent covering President Donald Trump and his administration.


Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma is an American professional basketball player who plays in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. He ringed his professional debut in 2017.


Bianca Nobilo

Bianca Nobilo is a CNN anchor and correspondent, who joined the network in 2015. She is based on the London bureau and reports on the UK and European politics.


Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner is an American journalist currently serving as the co-host of The Circus on Showtime. She is also a CBS News correspondent since 2016.


Margaret Brennan

Margaret Brennan is an American journalist serving as the Foreign Affairs Correspondent of CBS News. She is the current moderator of Face the Nation on the network.


Joe Harris

Joe Harris, age 28, is an American professional basketball player who plays for NBA side Brooklyn Nets. Before, he was associated with Cleveland Cavaliers.


Hamidou Diallo

The American basketball player, Hamidou Diallo, is a fresh NBA prospect who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He made it into the grand league in 2018.


Bianna Goloddryga

Bianna Goloddryga is a Moldova-born American journalist serving as a senior global affairs analyst at CNN. She was one of the four co-hosts of CBS This Morning.


Zain Asher

Zain Asher is a British Nigerian news anchor at CNN International, based in New York City. She appears as an anchor on CNN Newsroom on the network.