Amazing Rock Star Makeovers You Won’t Believe!

We all know the stereotypical rockstar ‘look’: long hair, often dyed, multiple piercings, ripped clothes, right? Even the most ‘out there’ of stars have, almost unanimously, rocked this type of style at some point in their careers – and some never step out of it.

Here, though, we take a look at some of the rockstars that have unveiled a dramatic new makeover in recent years – and how you can copy their fabulous new looks!

Gwen Stefani

The former No Doubt singer was formerly known for her festival-ready multi-toned hair, facial jewelry, and the thin-as-thin-can-be eyebrows that were all the rage in the 1990s. Fast forward ten years, Stefani’s trademark style was all about cutting-edge fashion, accompanied by platinum blonde hair, perfectly applied red lipstick, and gleaming white teeth. Pearly teeth are a must for those lovers of red lipstick: the shade has a natural propensity to make teeth take on a yellowish hue. Have a look here for the best teeth whitening options to quickly solve this issue – it may be much more affordable and convenient than you think!

Recently, however, the star has unveiled a brand new and somewhat surprising new look…

As well as appearing sporting a thick set of straight platinum bangs, a set of photos that the star released herself also showed Gwen in a series of denim, plaid, and fringe-embellished outfits – many fans commented that she was almost unrecognizable in several of the shots. What really caused amazement, though, was how young the singer and fashionista appeared, with a number of commentators suggesting that, despite being in her fifties, the star is aging backward!

Jon Bon Jovi

The big hair, the skin-tight jeans, the pout: Jon Bon Jovi had the epitome of the 80s rockstar look.  The nineties saw him tweak his style, but the major makeover came a couple of years ago when he shocked fans by getting the chop and even allowing his hair’s gray to come in.

While this initially caused surprise, fans have generally praised the star’s new look, giving the thumbs up to his decision to grow old gracefully.

Marilyn Manson

An example of a reverse make-over, the controversial singer-songwriter has recently been spotted out and about without his trademark layers of makeup, thickly slicked-back hair, and colored contact lenses, to the disbelief of his fans.

Manson has revealed how he’s been trying out a new, less-is-more look, in which he foregoes lipstick and eyeliner; he’s even been experimenting with a goatee! For the star, the plus side is anonymity; he recently spoke about how he’s not usually recognized when rocking his new reverse make-over look.

Courtney Love

The Hole rocker debuted a stunning new look on the red carpet in New York a couple of years back, which was utterly different from her usual grunge vibe. Wearing a slinky red dress and a brand-new haircut, rumors initially flew that the singer-songwriter must have gone under the knife to look so good.

Love quickly put these whisperings to bed, insisting that her fresh new style came down to taking better care of herself. As well as trying out a new hair color, she’s begun to practice yoga regularly and going out frequently to run. The celebrity told reporters that she’s committed to nurturing herself, which is being reflected in her healthier-looking appearance.

Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman was formerly known for his long hair, the propensity to eschew wearing a top, and his hedonistic lifestyle. In recent years, however, his look and way of life have undergone dramatic changes – though he still likes taking his shirt off.

Now sleekly shorn and in the best physical condition he’s ever been, Keidis has recently spoken about his keenness to help redefine stereotypical views on aging. He credits surfing, swimming in chlorine-free pools, and long morning jogs as being key to his new look. The singer also says that acupuncture, drinking plenty of water, eating a mainly vegan diet, and eating dinner before 6 pm has been important in attaining super health.

How to Get a Rock Star Makeover at Home

Key to the new looks of all of the rock stars listed above has been a ditching of the partying lifestyle and a new focus on inner health and well-being. While it might sound trite, taking care of your insides really will show on the outside!

While not all of us mere mortals have access to the sort of special diets or unchlorinated home swimming pools enjoyed by the glitterati, we can use their makeovers as inspiration to affect a few small changes that could have us appearing to age backward, too!

Practicing yoga and meditation are frequently cited as great for both physical and mental health, and making some small switch-outs, such as snacking on a handful of walnuts rather than tucking into a bag of potato chips, can quickly add up to a big difference.

And if all else fails, why not try a reverse makeover, as per Marilyn Manson?  If nothing else, you’re going to save an awful lot on make-up remover…