Top Tips to Becoming A Roulette Pro

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games today, yet its origin is largely still a mystery. Some people believe it has Chinese origins, while others say it was inspired by games played in ancient Rome.

However, most people believe that the Roulette machine was accidentally invented by French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. Pascal was working towards developing a perpetual motion machine during which the roulette wheel came into existence.


Prince Charles of Monaco played a significant role in shaping the history of Roulette as a popular game. He opened several casinos in Monaco and roulette was the primary game in these casinos.

It was in the year 1842 that roulette found its way to Europe and instantly became an immensely popular game. The wheel used then was very similar to the one used today, with one zero and one double zero pocket.

Roulette reached American shores in the late 19th century but did not have instant success. The rejection of the single zero roulette in the U.S. resulted in the emergence of the double zero version, known as American Roulette.

Top Tips to Play Roulette Like a Pro and Win

Every game is based on strategies that can help you win big and win more often. In other words, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the strategies in order to play like a pro.

Roulette, like most other casino games, is based on chance alone. When you try to understand how roulette is played, it may appear as if there are no strategies involved.

However, interestingly enough, roulette involves a handful of strategies that can help you win more often. Let us have a look at the key strategies.

1] Practise Playing for Free

This is true for all casino games, and roulette is no different. Before you invest money to play a game of roulette, it is recommended that you play a few free games.

There are a large number of online casinos where you can play roulette games for free using bonuses on offer, to help you practice before you invest in the game. This way, you can improve your skills and see if your strategies are working as expected.

2] Begin with Smaller Bets

This is another simple strategy that sounds like common sense, yet is overlooked by many. It is always a good idea to start with smaller bets as it enables you to play for longer.

Also, investing in smaller amounts reduces the risk and allows you to test out strategies without having much to lose.

3] Use Bonuses to Your Advantage

Due to the stiff competition, online casinos offer lucrative bonuses to draw the attention of potential players. You can use this to your advantage by signing up with online casinos.

Most online casinos offer a no-deposit bonus that allows you to start playing without the need to invest money. This completely eliminates the risk and allows you to experiment with different strategies.

4] Play Outside Bets

Most beginners are not aware of the fact that the outside bets are a good bet, quite literally! In other words, they bring in a 1:1 return, which means you stand a 50% chance of winning money.

This is a great strategy to win more games when it comes to roulette. Hence, it is recommended that you opt for the odds/even, high/low, and red/back bets.

5] Focus on Combination Bets

Combination bets are a great idea when it comes to winning big in roulette. While beginners should stick to outside bets, as mentioned earlier, mixing strategies also helps.

Some ways to create combination bets is to pick from split bets, corner bets, and line bets, among others.

6] Take Time to Study the Table

Getting a thorough idea about the rules of the game is the very first step towards building a strategy that works. This is why studying the roulette table is so important.

When you study the table, you can get an idea of the possible bets and this information will help you build strong strategies that work.

7] Avoid Playing Black and Red

We have mentioned earlier how playing outside bets is a good idea for beginners. However, some players tend to play by selecting either black or red.

However, this cannot serve as an effective roulette strategy for long term success. It’s often assumed that if black has won in one spin, it can influence the outcome of the next spin, which is false.

8] Manage Your Bankroll

This is by far one of the significant strategies to master, as this widely varies from player to player. Just like any other casino game that you play for money, it’s important to set a limit before you start.

Investing more money than you can afford, only makes it a bitter experience. Instead, you should have a clear picture of the amount you can comfortably invest in playing and then build your strategies accordingly.

9] Define How Much You Can Afford to Lose

When playing games of chance, wins and losses can seldom be predicted. Hence, it becomes very important that you calculate the amount of money you can afford to lose.

This way, you’ll know when to pause so that you don’t end up losing more than you could afford.

10] Give Your Mind a Break

Unlike simpler casino games like slots, roulette can be stressful because of the strategies involved. This is why it is important to give yourself a break and avoid playing for extended hours.


So, we see that there are quite a few good strategies to approach your next game of roulette. However, it is important to note that the strategies do not assure a win.

If you work with these strategies, you increase your chances of winning roulette more often.