6 Best New Indie Bands in 2022

Indie is a short term used for describing independent music made without support from the record labels. It is simply the definition of music produced by an artist on an individual level. Many indie artists don’t involve themselves with labels and self-release their music. People characterize it as having more spirit and less commercial success. Artists can do more creative work and put their entire soul into the project.

Indie is described as a direction with an attitude, esthetic, and sound that carries a DIY attitude. Independent artists design their art, make their music videos, and promote themselves without the capital of major labels. Their goal is to construct a supporting and cooperative scene that works together. Pretty soon, many artists become successful and stop being independent. They are signed to smaller labels which the bigger ones later buy up. It is a natural process, but, on the other hand, some artists stay with their independent vision and produce their work until the end. 

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As indie music is becoming more popular daily and many bands are in the making, they will surely take over the mainstream music world and become influential. It is constantly evolving and influencing other genres. We have chosen the best new bands you might like and introduce your friends to, so let’s dive right into the list!


6 Best Indie Bands In 2022


1. Former Ruins

Former Ruins is a solo act by Indiana based artist. Levi Dylan Sikes gained a local reputation for his outstanding live performances. In his telling, he writes post-cynical folk-rock. Sikes blurs the lines between salt-of-the-earth and 80s post-punk balladry with arranged atmospheric guitar work and impressive lyrical straightforwardness. He invites listeners into a magical world of wonder, difficulty, and mercy. He produced an eight-song album titled ‘’Large Startling’’ with Jon Classes’ help.

2. The Interrupters

This ska-punk band was created in 2011 in Los Angeles. It consists of drummer Jesse Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, guitarist Kevin Bivona, and lead vocalist Aimee Allen. The Bivona brothers met a solo artist Aimee in 2009 while touring. In 2011 Kevin and Aimee started writing songs and soon brought Kevin’s brothers in to play bass and drum. That led to them forming this fantastic band. By now, they have released three studio albums, and the latest one called ‘’In The Wild’’ was published this year. Check it out!

3. Names Without Numbers

This four-piece rock and roll group is based in Omaha, NE. It was initially formed to transition from pop-punk roots to something grittier, like an emotional rock style. Created by a longtime group of friends and musicians, this band has seen a growth from experimental punk and emo to a more polished pop-rock sound.

They have toured and played through the midwest with As I Lay Dying, Copeland, Jimmy Eat World, and many other acts. They stylistically play a blend of indie-power-pop and are driven by raw emotion, guitar, and honest and straightforward lyrics with some catchy hooks.

4. Hello Kelly

Their early years paved a path and history. They experienced emo shows in church basements, sweaty sets at dingy rock clubs, and glossy appearances at group conferences. Their new adventure brings them a fantastic album they created with passion and love. Called “Sweet Nostalgia,” this album is a big listen. 

Their craziest ideas crashed together into fifteen tracks of pop-rock madness. They held nothing back and tried to find the feeling they knew as kids. You can listen to these fifteen tracks free of distraction in a comfortable space. This band even recommended going on a long drive since that is their favorite thing.

5. Fantasy League

Fantasy League is a relatively new band consisting of Matt from Eleventyseven and Scott from Five Iron Frenzy. They are a synth-rock duo attempting to try out things their previous bands haven’t tried at all. They dropped ‘’Blind’’ and believe us– it is a perfect mix of their different band involvements.

6. Theocracy

This is an American Christian power metal band founded in 2002. They released a couple of Christmas singles and four albums. Initially, the group started as a one-person project and evolved into a power metal style influenced by different bands such as Kansas, Rush, and Edguy. They performed at the ProgPower USA VII festival in Atlanta.

The band’s first album was released on November 21, 2008. It even had a Japanese version with one additional track ‘’Wages of Sin’’. Their first music video ‘’Hide in the Fairytale’’ was released on September 5, 2012. They went on a European tour which consisted of smaller venue shows. 

They even attended more prominent festivals such as Blast of Eternity, Brainstorm Festival in The Netherlands, and Rock Without Limits in Germany. The drummer for this tour was Joshua Street. Their fourth studio album was released in 2016 through Ulterium Records under Ghost Ship. It included the second music video for the track, along with some lyric videos for ‘’Easter’’ and ‘’Wishing Well’’.

To Sum It Up

There are many more other amazing bands you can check out and do research on. Passion, love for music, and work stand behind these groups and their songs. They all started with music for their pure enjoyment and became liked bands by many. 

If you want to learn more about them, feel free to visit their websites and listen to some of their songs to get the vibe they are putting out and share with their fans. Everybody can find a band for personal enjoyment and watch them grow and become more famous.