6 Practical Tips to Help You Easily Land Tickets for Your Favorite Shows

We are used to watching things on screen these days, everything can be seen digitally on screens today. In some situations, that is a good thing, because we can expose ourselves to a lot of new content.

However, there is something undeniably more enjoyable than watching shows live and seeing people in person. There is something that will never be replaced with screens and virtual reality.

However, getting tickets for such shows can be troublesome sometimes, especially if a lot of people want the tickets. The current fiasco with Ticketmaster is a big representation of what is wrong with the ticket industry these days.

It is very important to spread awareness of these problems so we can enjoy watching live shows in peace. Even with those problems in the way, you will still be able to get the tickets you want with these 6 practical tips.

1. Online reservation

Online reservation is the best way to make sure you get your tickets in this digital age. As you can see over at, you can get your tickets months ahead of time.

You can always see how many tickets are left and all the other information you need before making a reservation. You can buy a ticket and print it in advance, or just have the QR code ready before you enter the theater.

2. Think carefully

Before you make a reservation, you need to think carefully about when you can and want to watch the show. Even though getting tickets blindly can be quite fun, you still want to have some plan in your mind. If you can’t get a ticket for the month you wanted to, then maybe that’s a good sign. 

If you truly want to see your favorite show, waiting some extra time will not be a real problem. Sometimes, it is better to stay patient and buy a ticket later on because it is more realistic that you will be watching it then.

3. Fully packed seasons

If you plan on getting a ticket during a packed season, you need to be very dedicated and patient with this mission. The probability of someone snatching a ticket with the help of a bot is high during these seasons.

When ordering these tickets, you also need to think about how you are going to arrive there. If the show is happening in a city where you do not live, the local hotels and Airbnb are probably getting overbooked.

4. Early bird

The key to being the early bird when snatching tickets is to follow all possible news sources. Before the tickets go on sale, there are always announcements on either official or nonofficial sources.

The best sources are usually verified social media accounts that will usually have a timer until the tickets go for sale. If you can’t find it, chances are that someone else already knows the details and you need to look in more niche communities.

5. Release day

When the tickets start selling, you want to be careful with the links you click on. Unfortunately, people like scamming other people, and scams are getting even more sophisticated with each passing day.

You do not want to click on any link you see online telling you those are the tickets for sale. Always stay vigilant and do not let the heat and the hype of the moment take over you during release day.

6. Alternative options

If you do not manage to buy the tickets on time, there are always alternative ways of getting tickets. One of them is through giveaways, but again, you want to look for official giveaways.

You can also find someone online who is selling their tickets because they can’t attend the show. However, when getting tickets the alternative way, there is no one guaranteeing you that you are getting official tickets, so be careful.


There are always alternate ways to get tickets for your favorite shows (Source: Pexels)

As we approach the world of virtual reality closer and closer with each passing day, there is always some uncertainty about it. A lot of us really do not want virtual reality to be the norm, only the rich want that. That does not mean there are no benefits to virtual reality, there are a ton of good uses for it.

However, virtual reality is its own niche and it needs to stay that way because we need real reality. It is important to embrace the reality we are experiencing and not let it be replaced with a digital world.

Watching shows live is something that we enjoyed for thousands of years now, and it is something that will stay for thousands of years to come.