How Much Does Aaron Rodgers Earn Per Year, Hour & Minute?

There was a point in the spring of 2022 when it appeared that Aaron Rodgers may do the unthinkable. He was not technically heading towards free agency, with there still a void year left to run in his contract with the Green Bay Packers, but at least half an eye was being shot in the direction of an exit sign.


Nobody was kicking doors down at Lambeau Field, with a man accustomed to finding himself at the center of speculation regarding his future saying when another play-off campaign came to a frustratingly premature conclusion: “I’m going to take some time and have conversations with folks around here, and then take some time away and make a decision. I don’t want to be part of a rebuild if I’m going to keep playing.”


The Packers were able to talk Rodgers around in those discussions and NFL odds now have them at +900 to savor Super Bowl glory in 2023 and place another diamond-encrusted ring on the fingers of their fabled No.12.

While ambition will undoubtedly have formed part of summer discussions, money has always talked and plenty was put on the table in Wisconsin. Rodgers has long since passed a stage in his career where lining pockets is any kind of priority, with an all-time great fully aware that he only has one championship to his name.

He was never going to turn down an eye-watering extension offer, though, and is now tied to the most lucrative deal in American Football – with $150 million dollars over the next three years breaking down as such:

Per Year

The finer details of Rodgers’ contract mean that a nine-figure salary will not be split evenly into nice round thirds, but he will basically be pulling in around $50m over the course of any 12-month period.

Per Month

Breaking that figure down into a monthly paycheck, before any deductions are taken into consideration, the Packers’ QB1 will be landing himself roughly $4.17m.

Per Day

If we work on the basis that there are more months with 31 days in them than any other, then Rodgers’ daily earnings across any 24-hour window are approximately $134,500.

Per Hour

Now, most of us do not work 24/7 but, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Rodgers eats, sleeps, and breathes football and is fully deserving of his £5,604-per-hour wage packet.

Per Minute

While we have come a long way from the big numbers that began this countdown, it is still remarkable to think that a man who earns a living throwing a ball around earns $93 every 60 seconds.


The Packers will be hoping to see an immediate return delivered on their sizeable investment of faith and funds, with silver trophies the only currency that they want to be dealing in. Rodgers is very much singing from that hymn sheet and would likely surrender a large chunk of his record salary in order to guarantee a ticker-tape parade being held in Green Bay come February.