Amal Dorai Wikipedia: Get To Know The Jeopardy Contestant

Amal Dorai was a contestant on the 37th season of the longest-running quiz game show, Jeopardy! He made his debut on 23 March 2021 episode and emerged as a 2-time winner with a total score of $43,200 + $2,000.

Dorai is returning to the show for the second time this season. He will compete in the Tournament of Champions Wildcard competition and will appear on the 11 December 2023 episode. 

There, he will face two Jeopardy champions; Donesh Olyaie, a marketing director from Los Angeles California, and Emma Saltzberg, a campaign director from Brooklyn, New York.

Donesh also competed on the 37th season of Jeopardy, making his debut on the 18 January 2021 episode. He is a one-time winner with a total score of $28,400 + $1,000.

Similarly, Emma appeared on four episodes on the 38th season of the show, making her debut on the 2 February 2022 episode. She is a three-time winner with a total score of $54,199 + $2,000.

Amal is excited to be getting a second chance to compete on Jeopardy! as part of the Champions Wildcard Tournament. He is having a watch party in Burlingame in the San Francisco Bay Area as he did not get to have a watch party on his previous appearance due to COVID-19.

Learn about Amal Dorai’s wiki, age, education, family background, job, marital status, and other details here.

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Amal Dorai Wiki, Age & Family Background

Amal Dorai has reached the age of 40 now. He was born Amal K Dorai in the year 1983 and his birthday falls in the month of April.

As per wiki, he is a native of Lexington, Massachusetts, United States, and was raised by his parents there. He has an Indian background from his family’s side. 

Dorai pursued his high school education in his hometown. Afterward, he earned a Bachelor of Science in

Furthermore, he earned a master of Engineering in

In May 2005, he threw a party in college for time travelers, which received front-page coverage in the New York Times. Additionally, Stephen Hawking later hosted a suspiciously similar party, with similar results.

What Is Amal Dorai’s Job?

Dorai is a venture capital investor based in the San Fransisco Bay Area. He is a partner at Anorak Ventures, a leading pre-seed and seed-stage venture capital firm investing in emerging technology.

Besides, he also sits on the board of Anorak Ventures’s portfolio company, Arthur. He regards himself as a metaverse optimist as per his website bio.

Microsoft. He is the co-founder of a real-time document collaboration startup called LiveLoop, which was acquired by Microsoft to accelerate Microsoft Office’s real-time collaboration capabilities. He began his career as a bat McKinsey & Company.

Is Amal Dorai A Married Man?

Well, Dorai is a married man. He has been enjoying married life with his wife for several years.

The Jeopardy champion often mentions his wife on his Twitter posts. In one of his Tweets in January 2022, he stated that he and his wife play Wordle every day.

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Amal and his wife are the parents of two young children. They have a son and a daughter.