Crafting Success: Professionals or ChatGPT for Student Needs?

Chat GPT Is Useful But Falls Short In Comparison To Assignment Writing Services

For most of us, being a student usually doesn’t mean just being a student. For most of us, we have to balance our academic life, social life, career life, and family life. Being a student is hard. It can be especially hard for young adults with all these responsibilities thrown at them all at once.                                                                                    

Many students try to do a balancing act of working, studying, and socializing, but it becomes clear to many that it takes enormous effort to do so. Those who tackle everything on their own come to realize that they must sacrifice one aspect of their life for the other, but those who seek help have a chance of finding a balance.   

An app like Chat GPT can help but only to a certain degree. We’re going to go through the pros and cons of using GPT Chat to ascertain if it has what it takes to fully replace a good assignment writing service. 

The Pros And Cons Of GPT Chat

Before we dive into it, let’s answer this question briefly: “What is Chat GPT?” Most of us already know the answer to this, but for those who have remained uninformed, GPT Chat is a free online app that helps with tasks through AI. Users simply text their request in a chatbox, and AI will respond with a text back, complying with the message request.  


Chat GPT is free, it’s easy to use because of the intuitive chatbox design, and it answers questions in a second. However, its capabilities are limited, and a lot of time has to be spent formatting and modifying the answers it gives. In that respect, an assignment writing service beats OpenAI because, at the end of the day, humans still want human work.                                                                                                            


Chat GPT’s answers can lack originality, and most of its answers will be flagged as plagiarized if you don’t modify them. Unlike professional services where you can, for example, buy thesis and be sure of the resultAI detection tools can easily detect content from Chat GPT, which makes for another letdown. The creators also warn that the AI will generate false or inaccurate information, and it can’t fact-check it either. Lastly, while Chat GPT can generate fast responses, its answers are typically very general and sometimes even low-quality. It would still take a lot of energy and effort to use it for more complicated tasks. You will be left editing the majority of the content it produces, which is not efficient in the long run.                   


The Pros and Cons Of Assignment Writing Services

Now that we’ve looked at the pros and cons of ChatGPT, what can an assignment writing help service do, and where does it fall short? A good assignment writing service can set you up for your whole academic life. It can be a game changer.                                                   


Firstly, the diversity of tasks you get from professors in universities/colleges and even in high schools is wide. Custom writing can be requested easily from assignment writing services. Experts can tackle any academic task, from essays to huge ones like thesis papers. While you can get general content from ChatGPT, you will be spending a lot of time editing and polishing this content, which defeats the whole idea of ChatGPT being efficient. 

It’s clear to see that ChatGPT can only be used as part of the writing process but lacks the ability for further progress. A writing service platform can help you with the whole process and not just a part of it!                                                  

When working with an expert, they are guaranteed to produce original work, so plagiarism won’t be a problem. Platforms that offer these services are almost always 100% confidential. Plus, you will come back with newly gained knowledge by working with an expert. 


The only shortcomings of real writing help are that it will take longer, you’ll need to revise the work, and it’s not for free. However, the work you get is of top caliber, and you’re paying for a whole service. You’re getting aid from start to finish, and not just for a small part of it. 

For example, studyfy is legit great when it comes to assignment writing help, and they’ve been in this industry for so long. They’ve completed 98,000 orders, so you can check them out and count on them for any requests you need done right now.


There’s more to go through here. As we’ve already established, Chat GPT is good for a small portion of getting a task done; its capability to help a student is simply too limited. Assignment help services have been around for a while, and they are still the best option if you want to seek out help for the whole task and not just a part of it. 

OpenAI can’t perform tasks at the same quality and accuracy as a human expert, so it shouldn’t be used alone if the student’s goal is to succeed. There is also a character limit when you use Chat GPT, so you can only ever get as many as 4096 characters in content. A writing service platform provides you with unlimited characters when you request help. There have also been cases where students got expelled from their university because they used Chat GPT.  


We hope that it’s plain as day to you now that Chat GPT isn’t recommendable for academic papers, and the better option is to use an assignment writing service like Studyfy. You can use AI Writing to help you out on small tasks that won’t require you to edit the content – but use it as a reference to build on. 

For all assignments regarding your education, like homework, essays, thesis works, and other tasks that are rigid, complex, and lengthy, the help of an expert from a writing platform should be your top choice. You get original and plagiarism-free work that won’t get you in trouble, and you are provided with the help you need from start to finish.