Who Is Darrell Miklos Father? Inside His Wiki, Family and Married Life

Darrell Miklos is a historical shipwreck recovery specialist and a reality television personality. He is popular as a cast of the History TV reality show, Lost U-Boats of WWII.

The documentary show which began in 2024 features Darrell who sets out to find lost U-Boats and answer the questions: What were they carrying? Where were they headed and why? Darrell is also one of the producers of the show.


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Moreover, he has been part of another documentary-adventure show, Cooper’s Treasure since 2017. In the show, he sets out to find shipwrecks originally located by astronaut Gordon Cooper from space in 1963.

Darrell has also been serving as the COO and Co-Founder of the historical Shipwreck Recovery company, Gemini Marine Exploration. The company aims to locate, identify, and recover cargo and artifacts from sunken ships that are both historically significant and financially rewarding.

Now, let’s learn about Darrell Miklos Wikipedia, age, parents, father, net worth, married, wife, ethnicity, bio, and other interesting facts.

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Darrell Miklos Wikipedia: Age, Father, Parents, Ethnicity

Darrell Miklos was born in 1963 in Laguna Beach, California, United States. He is 61 years of age and he celebrates his birthday on the 19th of February every year.

Talking about his family, Darrell was born among the four children of his parents, Roger Miklos and Mary Miklos. He has two sisters named Laurie Miklos and Kelly Miklos, and a brother named Kim Miklos.

Darrell’s father, Roger was a legendary treasure hunter and television personality. He was a fortune tracker who had been borrowing wreck locales since the 1970s. Besides, he was a police officer in Reno, Nevada before he commenced his treasure-hunting career.

Born on 6 January 1941, Roger married twice in his life. He had Darrell and other three kids with his first wife, Mary. After that, he married his second wife, Sheila.

Sadly, Roger passed away on 19 February 2018 at the age of 77. He died from a heart attack at 10 p.m. while visiting a rest area in Iran.

With American nationality, Darrell has white ethnicity. He earned a high school graduation at Laguna Beach High School in 1981. 

How Much Is Darrell Miklos Net Worth?

Darrell manages a healthy net worth in excess of $1 million from his professional career as a historical shipwreck recovery specialist. Likewise, he adds to his fortune as a cast of the History Channel reality show, Lost U-Boats of WWII.


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Darrell enjoyed living a thrilling life while traveling the world with his late father seeking lost treasures. He was just 18 when he and his father stumbled upon what they believed to be a sunken Nazi U-Boat while diving in the Caribbean.

Since then, Darrell has become curious about the historic World War II-era submarines. He then got his hands on a chart that allegedly showed the possible locations of seven sunken U-Boats in the Caribbean.

In the current show, Darrell is setting off to confirm if the sites on his chart are sunken U-Boats with a team of divers and researchers.

Is Darrell Miklos Married? Who Is His Wife?

Darrell prefers to keep his relationship life low key on social media. However, the Wiki sources claim that he has been happily married to his beautiful wife since 2000.

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The identity of Darrell’s spouse remains confined to date. It is known that the married pair celebrates their wedding anniversary every 10th of November.


Darrell has been married to his wife for more than 23 years now (Source: Darrell’s Facebook)

Moreover, Darrell and his wife are also proud parents of two daughters. One of their daughters is named Leilani Miklos. Leilani is interested in drawing sketches.