How Filipinos Can Get Married In Dubai?

For an ex-pat marriage to be legitimate in the UAE, it must follow a set of norms and processes. Due to travel limitations and job commitments, many expatriates are forced to marry in the UAE. Dubai court marriages are crucial in performing a wedding for people of various nationalities to be recognized both in the UAE and in their own countries.

According to research released by The National News, Filipinos make up the third-largest ex-pat community in the UAE. They work in various areas in the UAE and make up a large portion of the workforce. They undoubtedly make a significant economic contribution to the UAE. In this article, we’ll go over how Filipinos can apply for marriage in the UAE and the stages involved in getting the marriage validated.

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Marriage in the Philippine Embassy

At the Consulate General, ONLY Filipino nationals (both parties) are permitted to marry.

The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai is responsible for Dubai and the Northern Emirates. If you want to marry at the Philippine embassy in the UAE, you must first make an appointment because walk-in marriage applications are not accepted. It is essential to consult a marriage lawyer in Dubai, such as Dubai Court Marriage, to ensure no issues with the marriage.

Filipino marriage requirements in Dubai         

Like people of other nationalities, Filipinos must have all of the required documentation to marry. The documentation requirements for a wedding in Dubai are extensive, but if all of the necessary documents are in order, the marriage may be arranged and executed without difficulty.

The Philippine embassy approves only marriages between Filipinos. The protocol is different for all other marriages between Filipinos and people of other nations because the embassy does not accept marriages between people of other nationalities on its premises. The couple must look for alternative wedding sites in such circumstances, and the documents and procedures differ. Expert expertise may be necessary to understand the various procedures for Filipino and non-Filipino weddings in the UAE.

There are specific unique paperwork requirements for Filipinos, and before applying for a marriage, make sure you have all of the necessary documents.

The following are the Filipino marriage requirements in Dubai:

  • For both couples, a marriage application form
  • Form of joint affidavit
  • One wedding announcement Form
  • The marriage report

Necessary Enclosures required for a Filipino wedding in the United Arab Emirates

  • Recent passport-size pictures of both the groom and the bride
  • NSO CENOMAR authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • DFA authenticated parental consent.
  • Passports, both original and copies
  • DFA verified the advice of parents.
  • For applicants residing in Dubai, a civil status certificate from the consulate or embassy is required.
  • Pre-marital medical certificate showing the absence of illnesses like HIV/AIDS and thalassemia.

The resident visa must be present for Filipinos and other nationals that apply. A tourist visa is also an option. A lawyer can assist a couple in obtaining a resident status to begin the process of getting married in the UAE and registering their marriage in the courts.

Where will the wedding ceremony be held?


It is critical to remember that if the person is a Filipino national, the marriage can occur at the Filipino consulate. If one of the spouses is not a national, the couple must choose another wedding location. If they are Christians, they can marry in Church. However, in such a case, you must ensure that you satisfy the Church’s financial criteria because it will not be accessible. Furthermore, they must meet any additional standards imposed by the Church.

Check that your marriage is legally recognized.

Following the wedding ceremony, another set of documentation is required.

  • The marriage certificate would have been in English if the ceremony had taken place at an English-speaking church. As a result, it must be translated into Arabic to be registered. After receiving the translated certificate, you must submit it to the Dubai Courts’ Notary Public Office for validation.
  • Then one must visit the Ministry of Justice to have the certification validated and then to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify the authentication.
  • After that, you’re ready to return to the Philippine embassy (if both of you are Filipinos) or your respective embassies to validate the certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These documents are essential to establish the legitimacy and validity of your marriage in the Philippines or your respective countries. Aside from the Arabic translation, the following procedures must be fulfilled while registering an Islamic marriage.

Fees for Filipino marriage in Dubai

In general, the cost of Filipino marriage in Dubai is between AED 50 and 500, depending on the venue, nationality, and other variables. Marriage professionals can advise you on the price and other procedures for a Filipino marriage in the UAE.

Facing any difficulty with marriage in the UAE:

Many Filipinos have problems getting married in Dubai since divorce is prohibited in Filipino tradition, and wedding cancellation is not permitted. This avoids removing the spouse’s name from the passport, which is required for a marriage to be legitimate in the UAE. To legitimize such weddings, one needs to approach relevant authorities such as Dubai Court Marriage. Our professionals have the expertise and experience to smoothen the marriage procedure in Dubai and other emirates.

Marriage in Dubai is undoubtedly feasible for Filipinos, as it is for many other nations. The main thing to remember is that you must complete all necessary paperwork and legal procedures. It may take some time and effort.

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