Net Worth of Top 8 Cannabis Celebrities in 2024

With the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana being legalized, a lot of people have started adopting it. What’s more surprising is that a lot of people have also started their cannabis business, and it is growing on a massive scale.

The legalization, therefore, had a positive impact across Canada and the United States in the past few years. Research reports show that Cannabis is now the fifth most-valued crop across the United States.

With products like tinctures, gummies, delta 8 carts with battery, and disposable vapes being so popular, a lot of businesses have already entered the market. Thus, there’s no doubt that the industry is bringing in rakes of profits for the individuals.

Popular Cannabis Celebrities and Their Net Worth

Over the years, several individuals have managed to make their mark in the cannabis industry with their growing fortune. This has contributed significantly to their growing net worth along with the popularity of CBD cream brands. Well, there’s no doubt that with the changing financial landscape, their net worth would vary too. So, here are a few celebrities who have managed to rake in a lot of profit through their cannabis business:

1.    Seth Rogen

If there’s one very popular celebrity who is quite a cannabis enthusiast, it has to be Seth Rogen. Very popular for his shows like This Is The End and Superbad, Seth Rogen has definitely managed to carve his name in the industry with his notable works.



Well, now Seth Rogan seems to be exploring the cannabis market, too, as he launched his cannabis company, Houseplant. It was estimated that his net worth was around $80 million. However, not all of it alone can be attributed to Houseplant, as most of it may also be due to his business and other earnings. But there’s no denying that Seth is currently one of the leading players in the cannabis market.

2.  Snoop Dogg

Whether it’s his public appearances, interviews or award shows, you would often find Snoop Dogg admitting to his cannabis and weed usage. In fact, in a lot of podcasts where he appeared, Snoop was actually seen holding a joint. Apart from being very popular for his 90s musical hits, Snoop is very popular for his cannabis venture too.

Quite some time back, Snoop Dogg co-founded an investment fund company known as Casa Verde Capital. It is estimated that the portfolio currently is worth more than $200 million for the company. Estimates show that the overall net worth of Snoop Dogg is around $150 million. Also read about the celebrities frequently use CBD gummies in our latest blogs.

3.  John Cervini

John Cervini co-founded the Canadian cannabis company Aphria. It is often estimated that he established this company based on his family business. His family owned a greenhouse company that grew vegetables. Well, contrary to that, Cervini decided to go a different path when he didn’t participate in growing vegetables but started a cannabis business.

He saw the opportunity of the cannabis industry growing and took it up. It is a burgeoning industry and would therefore play an important role in getting the profits. Reports suggested that earlier Cervini had stakes worth more than $100 million in Aphria.

4.  Terry Booth

One of the most popular individuals to have grown significantly in the cannabis industry is none other than Terry Booth. In 2013, he co-founded Aurora Cannabis. However, he later went on to acquire CanniMed Therapeutics which was worth more than $1 billion CAD.



Booth acquiring CanniMed played an important role in making Aurora Cannabis one of the leading cannabis companies of the world. Similar to Cervini, studies showed that Booth had stakes worth more than $90 million for Aurora Cannabis. Aurora Cannabis is also enrolled with NASDAQ as ACB.

5.   Brendan Kennedy

The former CEO of Tilray, Brendan Kennedy is one of the co-founders of Privateer Holdings. Tilray is one of the leading cannabis businesses in today’s time. When the company’s stocks were at an all-time high, Kennedy’s net worth was said to be more than $2 billion.

When the stock market crashed in the cannabis industry, Brendan Kennedy’s net worth came down to $200 million. Reports suggest that in 2019, Kennedy’s salary was around $3 million from Tilray itself.

6.  Jim Belushi

Not only is Jim Belushi lending his name to the brand, but he is also growing cannabis on a 93 acres farm in Banana Belt of Southern Oregon. After establishing a successful acting career, he turned to cannabis farming and has one of the highest net worths in the industry.

In one of his interviews, Belushi admitted that he had to learn the values so that he could implement them. Belushi’s Farm has a wide range of things to offer compared to other cannabis brands. One of their most unique offerings is that of Gulzar Afghanica by Captain Jack, which became quite popular in the 1970s as “The Smell of SNL.” Currently, Belushi’s Farm is operating across Colorado, Oregon and Illinois.

7.   Nicholas Kovacevich

The founder of KushCo, Nicholas Kovacevich, had established KushCo even before cannabis was legalized across different scales in the United States. The company’s foundation was established in 2010. Currently, the company focuses on providing a wide range of products.

The product line of KushCo mostly revolves around offering packaging for oils, cannabis, edibles and more. As per estimates, Kovacevich receives around $1 million annually as a salary from KushCo. As of now, his net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

8.  Jay Z

Another very popular celebrity in the list of rich cannabis celebrities has to be Jay Z. He started working with Caliva, a Cannabis license back in July 2019 and then went on to launch Monogram. Monogram deals with providing the luxury line of pre-rolls, weed flowers and also “OG Hand Roll.”



Although a lot of users agreed that Monogram is slightly expensive, the product is premium. After all, you’re paying for the luxury that the premium quality flowers are bringing in. The Hype Williams campaign for Monogram was ruling the industry as it dominated almost all billboards in Los Angeles.

Final Thoughts

As cannabis was legalized, a lot of people started adopting it. However, there is no doubt that it surely brought a lot of luxury and growth for businesses. Most people, especially celebrities started establishing themselves in the industry with their high quality products and services through which they catered to the industry.