Playing smart: How to use online casino bonuses to your advantage

There is no doubt that playing games at safe online casinos is one of the best ways to stay entertained. Whether you game at home via your PC or on the move via your mobile device, these awesome sites have a great deal to offer.

While the convenience, range of games, excellent customer support and secure payment options that Internet casinos deliver help explain their appeal, the bonuses they give out are also hugely popular. This is because they give you more ways to have fun at gaming sites and free cash to play with.

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To get the maximum you can from these promotions though, you need to be smart and use them to your advantage. But how can you do this?

1. Choose the best online casino bonus that is fit for the way you like to play

When you start to look at using casino bonuses wisely, you will soon realize how many types there are to take advantage of. The first step is to take some time to research more about what each sort provides and which might be best for you to sign-up for personally.

A good place to begin is thinking about the sort of games you enjoy trying out and choosing a casino whose bonuses cater to them. If you like getting involved with online slots, for example, finding offers that give you free spins on the latest ones is sensible.

It is also key to factor in the budget you have for online casino gaming and how much you might expect to win with the budget you have. People with no budget for example may want to look for 2023’s best no deposit bonuses, as you do not need to make any deposits to access them. These bonuses also allow for risk-free gambling because you do not need to use your own cash to play. This also makes them a good promotion for people with a low-risk tolerance in terms of casino play.

2. Always check for special offers during the day

Although all iGaming sites will put a lot of focus on bonuses and offers for new players, most will also run regular promotions for existing customers. These can often be in the form of special games or tournaments which online casinos organize.

A good example of this is particular games on a site that deliver special bonuses at certain times of the day. You might also find extra offers at other competitions on the site which allow players to qualify for prizes at certain times of the day.

To make full use of bonus offers like these, it is essential to always check for special promotions at your casino each day. This is usually done via the ‘Promotions’ page on-screen when you log into your account. By picking up on special offers during the day, you can potentially earn large bonuses which enable you to win more cash.

3. Check for bonuses during holidays

In the same way as checking for special offers during the day is a great tip, you should also check for them during the holidays. This could be during periods such as Christmas or Easter each year, which are celebrated across the country.

Most online casinos will run extra promotions during major holidays like this in order to attract more players and join in on the celebrations. This is often in the form of specially themed games which can allow you to pick up extra bonus deals when played.

Holiday bonuses can also be especially good for high rollers who enjoy using bigger stakes. In this instance, holiday bonuses can provide bigger rewards and more chances to play your favorite games.

4. Make sure that you are aware of the expiration date of your bonuses

Just as knowing what to expect from a lawyer is key when choosing legal representation, being aware of what to expect when using casino bonuses is also vital. One thing to consider is always knowing when your bonuses run out. It is a good idea to check this as soon as you get the bonus to use. All reputable iGaming sites will include this information in the offer’s small print, and it is imperative you carefully make a note of the relevant date(s).

This is important because the bonus will no longer be available to use if the conditions are not met prior to the expiry date. While this is fairly simple for single bonuses, keeping track of expiry dates can be more difficult if you are awarded multiple promotions. Organization is key in this case, and it is good to set a reminder for when each bonus is due to expire, so you won’t end up losing out.

5. Try to check several sites for bonuses

The truth is that there are lots of online casinos out there now that offer different welcome packages and ongoing bonuses for players. As you may expect, some of these bonus deals will be better than others. A casino that gives new players 100 free spins and a $50 no-deposit bonus for example is a better option than a competitor which only has a $10 no-deposit bonus.

Being smart with Internet casino bonuses means taking your time to check the current offers available at multiple gaming sites. This can be any casino you are interested in playing at but will usually involve the major brands for most players. Make a note of the promotions each site runs from their website and then choose the one with the best promos for you personally.

Of course, it is perfectly possible to sign-up with more than one casino online if you find numerous options that run attractive bonus packages. While creating accounts at all of them might involve a little work, it is worth it for the range of extras you receive.

6. Pay close attention to maximum bet amounts

If you are looking to be savvy when it comes to using casino bonuses, checking maximum bet amounts is worthwhile. These should be shown on the terms and conditions of any bonus you are looking to sign up for.

Maximum bet amounts are common with many casino offers and essentially stop people from over-betting promotions for their own gain. Getting caught betting more than the maximum limit could lead to you losing the bonus and any winnings. As this shows, it is not worth risking this, and checking the maximum bet level of any bonus offers is an important step.

7. Look for free spins

Although no-deposit bonuses are wildly popular with all players, offers that give out free spins are not far behind. If you can find an iGaming platform that awards free spins, they are worth grabbing while you can. But why is this the case?

Free spins are great because they allow you to play selected slot games for free. This gives you a risk-free way to try out slots or play more if you know you like them already. In addition, it means you can play without using your own cash and potentially grab some awesome bonus wins. Luckily, free spins are a bonus many online casinos now offer which makes them fairly easy to find.

 8. Check the progress of your win

You should find that all the best casinos online have a section on their website where you can look at the progress of your casino bonus amounts. This essentially displays how your bonus is progressing and how close you are to fulfilling any wagering requirements.

This information is key to bear in mind because it shows how close you are to completing the bonus offer and when it is time to withdraw your winnings. It is also important to consider when thinking about expiration dates of the bonus in question. If the expiry date is coming up soon but you are a long way off completing the bonus requirements, then you know it is time to get moving.

 9. Try to make larger deposits from time to time

Online casinos love high rollers because they spend more money and play for larger amounts. Due to this, they will tend to offer better bonuses and exclusive offers to people who game in this manner. This means that one good tip for being smart with casino offers is making larger deposits now and then. This could lead to you being eligible for the top-end promotions that high rollers get and allow you to access promotions you otherwise would not.

 10. Do not abuse the bonuses

One crucial thing to always remember is that being smart with casino bonuses does not mean abusing them. You must always stay within the rules of the offer in question and never try to fool or trick the casino. Not only would this be dishonest, but it could also lead to you getting in trouble if you were caught. This could include anything from losing the bonus to being banned from the site!

 Playing smart with online casino offers

Online casinos have really taken off in the last few years and the generous bonuses they give away are a big reason for this. To really get the most from them though, it is key to use them smartly. The above tips are some of the best ways to do this and should prove invaluable to all iGaming fans.