Secret Santa Shenanigans: A Fun Guide to Gift Exchanges at Your Party

While many games and activities are associated with the holidays, Secret Santa stands out as one of the most popular traditions.


Secret Santa is an activity where you randomly get a name out of a group of family members, friends, or coworkers to buy them a present without telling them you purchased it. This helps you spread holiday cheer to the people you hold dear while lowering your financial obligation to buy everyone gifts.

Typically, Secret Santa names are drawn a few days before Christmas, and gifts are exchanged at a party closer to the holiday. If you are hosting a Secret Santa party this year, here is how you can make this gift exchange more fun.

Plan Your Party Around a Theme

Hosting a party that follows an established theme can be incredibly fun. Secret Santa gift exchanges are no exception to the rule. By choosing between themes such as a Christmas market and a snowy landscape, you can instill more joy into your gift exchange gathering. This also helps you choose creative party favors for your guests to make them even happier about attending your get-together.

Ask Guests to Don Themed Attire

By default, a Secret Santa gift exchange party is all about spreading the joy of Christmas to everyone. But you can make it even more festive by asking your guests to wear outfits that celebrate the theme of your party. This way, when your guests wear men’s and women’s Christmas outfits and holiday clothing, they quickly get into the holiday spirit and feel more jubilant about the party. 

Delegate Decor Responsibility Among Guests

If you have ever decorated a Christmas tree with your family, you may instantly relate to the incomparable delight and warmth that it brings to your heart. For your Secret Santa gift exchange, you can do something similar by asking your guests to bring holiday decorations with them to your party venue. From there, you can put up this decor while singing along to Christmas tunes on a Bluetooth speaker.

Get Fun Party Snacks for Everyone


To ensure everyone enjoys themselves at your Secret Santa party, be mindful of providing party snacks for guests. From holiday cookies to personalized cupcakes, you can discover a variety of options that may keep everyone happy.

Plan For Drinking Games

Drinking games and attending holiday parties can be a fun combination. Similar to serving a party snack box that fits the tastes of your guests, you just need to know what type of drinking game would be most suitable for their humor. This ensures that your guests have even more to look forward to at your party than their Secret Santa present and results in everyone feeling more joyous about the get-together. 

Play Some Party Games

You don’t have to pass down crypto heirlooms for your Secret Santa party to be a success. Instead, you just need to perform fun activities that make the get-together more in line with the festivities of the season. In addition to drinking games, this can lead you to play fun party games with your guests. You can choose between classic card get-together games or go with something different, such as 20 questions, to cater to everyone’s interests.

You Can Put Your Own Spin on Secret Santa

While the traditional rules of Secret Santa only ask you to be secretive about your present, you can also put your own spin on this fantastic game. With options ranging from setting a present price limit to involving other games such as Dirty Santa, you can easily modify Secret Santa to suit the taste of your guests as well as yourself. This makes it a remarkably flexible Christmas tradition for everyone involved.

These tips help you get the most out of Secret Santa while also spreading the holiday cheer with each gift exchange. As long as you keep your guests’ comfort front and center, you can ensure that everyone stays happy with this game.