The NFL Stadiums Which Should Be On Your Bucket List

Getting around the country and experiencing NFL games in a variety of states can be an incredible thing for sports fans. Each one has its own uniqueness which ensures there will be many that can take your breath away.

It is one of the most exciting sports in the world which see’s fans from all over flock to the US or watch on television every week. The league is one of the most popular with sports betting and NFL odds often take into account the home field advantage many sides have.

Ford Field – Detroit Lions

There are few teams in the league who have had such difficult times in recent history. The stadium opened in 2002 and sits in the heart of downtown Detroit. The location is incredible for the experience of fans for the access as well as the prices within the stadium, hot dogs and sodas can be as little as $2 and beers from $3.

The locations, atmosphere make up for the fact that the stadium itself is not one of the most impressive to look at. The dome stadium has been set up for the enjoyment of the fans and the experience watching the game, more so than the design. It is definitely amongst the best for experience amongst fans, though is some way off the technological and architectural feats other stadiums provide.

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

Following the theme of atmosphere over design, Arrowhead fits in perfectly with the likes of Ford Field

Surrounded by parking lots, the day is crazy with a wild atmosphere in the tailgate before the game and throughout. Chiefs’ fans hold the Guinness World Record for the loudest outdoor roar when they registered 142.2 decibels in 2014. The Chiefs are the second favorites to win the Super Bowl in the NFL odds, meaning you’ll be witnessing some of the best players in the competition should you choose to pay the stadium on a visit when the Chiefs are at home.

With more than 76,000 people in attendance each week, and though it is a long way out from the city, the tailgate scene is the big draw to experience. It is the sixth largest NFL stadium in the league and will host matches in the 2026 FIFA World Cup too which will bring $50 million worth of renovations to modernize the venue further.

SoFi Stadium – LA Rams and LA Chargers

Welcoming up to 70,000 fans each gameday, the SoFi Stadium is one of the most modern and expensive in the league. It cost a whopping $6 billion to build and was opened in 20202. It is futuristic in design, an impressive ring shaped jumbotron is high above the pitch offering clear views and replays to every seat in the stadium.

The design of the stadium is incredible, with the open ends giving views over downtown Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills and Pacific Ocean.

While some stadiums on the list are here for the experience amongst the fans, this stadium is one to experience for the incredible design and ambience.

Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

Step back in time and experience football as it has been for generations. There is no retractable roof to shelter you from the cold winter nights, no high-def big screens, but is home to so much history.

You can experience it all while watching the Packers, being inside the stadium which has been their home since 1957 with only renovations being made in 2003 and 2015 but keeping the same bowl layout season with an 81,000 capacity.

As well as the game, you have the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and Museum to see, as well as the packed-out stadium which provides one of the best experiences in football you can find in America.

Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders

Having moved from Oakland, the Raiders have called Las Vegas home since 2020. The stadium is absolutely unreal in design, with a huge window showing the Las Vegas Strip behind one of the end zones.

The roof is clear allowing the sun to light up the pitch while protecting from the intense heat to make it incredibly comfortable to sit back and enjoy the game.

Like SoFi, it’s another stadium to experience for the design, not so much the atmosphere. It can be a little stale, with the team still building its fanbase up after moving from Oakland once again.

Lumen Field – Seattle Seahawks

Like Ford Field, it is very close to downtown, and access is easy for the Seahawks fans. Often called the 12th Man, the fans provide some of the most vocal and intense support in the league. It can be a fortress and intimidating to visiting teams.

It looks like no other, with the horseshoe design and then triangle shaped seating behind one end zone makes it truly unique.

Open to the elements, it provides a tough experience for all, but that is what makes the Seahawks and their fans exactly who they are. Back in 2010, while celebrating a Marshawn Lynch touchdown the noise got so loud it registered as a small earthquake.

Whatever your reason to get to an NFL stadium, there is such a wide variety with different aspects which make them unmissable.