What You Must Know Concerning Hair Steaming

Even after using a dozen products, does your hair appear lifeless and damaged? You could try steaming your hair to nourish it from the inside out.

In addition to preventing dryness and damage, hair steaming provides an array of other benefits. Regardless of your hair type, steaming can revitalize and improve its health. And because of the benefits that one can get from hair steaming, plenty of businessmen have considered selling wholesale steam machine for hair since it is already proven to give promising profits.

Scroll down to discover the use of hair steaming and the dos and don’ts of hair steaming to achieve an optimum result.

What Do You Use for Hair Steaming?


When it comes to hair steaming, there are different kinds of equipment options available. Perform a simple test to determine the porosity of your hair before selecting any equipment. The capacity of your hair to absorb moisture is its porosity.

Place a few hair strands in a bowl of water. If your hair floats, it has low porosity, whereas hair with high porosity will quickly sink. Normal porosity hair remains in the water’s middle.

Having determined the porosity of your hair, you can choose from the following steaming equipment:

  • Steamer Caps
  • Hooded Steamer
  • Handheld Steamer

Hair Steaming Dos and Don’ts

Before steaming, apply a deep conditioner or natural hair oil (such as coconut oil), especially if you have straight, relaxed hair.


1. Establish A Routine

Depending on the condition of your hair, you should establish a routine for steaming it. At least once per week, you should steam your hair to achieve visible results.

2. Refresh Your Hair

It is essential to rinse your hair with cold water after steaming it to close the open hair cuticles. Cooling the hair will prevent moisture loss and ensure that the advantages of steaming are retained.

3. Keep A Clean Towel Handy

There may be some dripping of hot water droplets or conditioning products from your head if you use a hot towel or steam cap. Use the washcloth to remove it to prevent irritation or burning of the skin.


1. Do Not Cover Your Head

Do not use a shower cap or towel to cover your hair when using a hooded or handheld steamer. Direct exposure to the steam on the hair is optimal for maximizing the benefits of steaming.

2. Do Not Overdo Steaming

You should not frequently or extensively steam your hair. This can result in thinning hair and even hair loss which you will surely not want.

3. Avoid Using Styling Equipment

Avoid using a blow dryer with heat settings or other styling equipment that uses heat after steaming your hair to prevent heat damage. Allow your hair to dry naturally. Apply a hair serum if you must style your hair.

How Long Should Hair Be Steamed?


Your hair’s condition is the primary determinant of how long you should steam your hair. You must allow sufficient time for the cuticles to open and for the conditioner to penetrate the hair. Ideally, 15 to 20 minutes under the steamer should be sufficient for straight, wavy hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy, you might require a 30-minute session.

Wrapping Up

Hair steaming has multiple benefits. To achieve the best results, you must be aware of the proper procedure. You have the option of visiting a beauty salon or steaming your hair at home.

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It is essential, however, that you continually assess your ability to achieve the desired results. If not, you should alter your steaming routine or consult a professional hair care specialist.