What Your Favorite Movie Genre Says About You

Watching films is a huge part of our lives. We do it with friends, with family, prospective lovers, and even on our own. What’s more, there’s a film out there for however we’re feeling – whether we want to laugh, let off some emotion, or maybe even have a scream! But did you know that the movies you choose to watch could actually say a lot about you as a person?

Experts believe that there is a reason some of us are more interested in one type of movie, compared to others. Not just that, but that our favorite movie genre can actually reveal a whole host of personality traits and characteristics. So, there’s a reason that you might prefer comedies over thrillers. Ready to learn some more about your favorite movie preferences?


Animation, Action, and Fantasy

It probably won’t surprise you that those people who enjoy animated, action, and fantasy movies are usually creative and adventurous. Plots tend to be more creative themselves and require a huge amount of imagination to really understand what’s going on and bring them to life.

For example, in one of the best-loved action fantasy films around, Batman, there are plenty of sub-plots to keep up with, as well as individual character traits to understand. Whether you’re getting to know the best villains by real name, day job or skills, or following the intricacies of the plot, there’s a lot to observe.

This is why fans of films like this tend to be more reserved, which again backs up the idea that individuals who prefer this movie genre are more imaginative as this is something that introverts develop much quicker than extroverts.

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Comedy films tend to be unpredictable and challenge typical ways of thinking. For this reason, those who prefer comedies over horror, action, and even romance usually tend to be more open to unconventional storylines.

Not to mention the fact that they are often very creative and original in their characters. The same study also found that those who enjoyed comedies were typically more disorganized and weren’t that bothered about attention to detail, both in their life and the storyline itself – compared to those who enjoyed the action and fantasy flicks. What’s more, usually females are the biggest fans of humor-based films.


It’s hardly surprising that those individuals who prefer romantic films, and romantic comedies, are usually more emotional and conscientious. Experts believe this is because romantic films have predictable plots and similar storylines and characters.

Many also provide a happy ending which can be a welcome retreat from day-to-day stresses and normal life. Similar to comedies, it’s been proven that females tend to choose romantic movies over males. However, those men who did show a preference for romantic films were usually more open.



Individuals with broad imaginations tend to prefer dramas which experts believe is because of the sequence of events and complex connections that typically take place in these types of films. While the storyline might not always unravel as expected, and cliffhangers are commonplace, individuals who are thoughtful, intelligent, and introspective usually prefer these sorts of films.

What’s more, it’s thought that those more introverted may prefer dramas because of the fact that these films make watchers feel more involved, busy, and responsible.