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Why Online Casinos Are Better Than the Real Thing

Online casinos have exploded in the past decade as laws change and the public becomes more open to the concept of gambling on the internet. These platforms, equipped with cutting-edge security measures, offer a digital hub where customers can immerse themselves in a wide game selection, including slots, while experiencing the ease of deposits and array of payment methods. But online casinos are far from just copies of land-based casinos.

Riding the wave of technology, these platforms have gone one step further to cater to the needs of their clientele. From efficient customer support to seamless mobile device compatibility, they have incorporated features to make the gambling experience more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

In fact, online casinos offer a unique gaming experience that cannot be replicated in a brick-and-mortar casino. With live dealer casinos bringing the real-time action right to your screen, even veterans of the land-based casino scene have started spending more time playing online as these products improve.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why online casinos are better than the real thing. We’ve navigated every page of the platforms and gathered all the information you need about the promotions, game selection and deposit methods.

Incredible gaming selection

Traditional casinos are limited by the amount of floor space they have, which is often regulated by local laws. It means operators must make difficult decisions regarding the games they decide to feature.

In contrast, online casinos can include as many games as they like. It’s why all of the best legal online casinos available in Ontario can offer hundreds, if not thousands, of different online slot variations.

It also means that even the most avid player will always find something new to play, whether it’s a slot or table game.


Convenience is one of the primary reasons people choose to play in online casinos. After all, not everybody has a casino available to them within easy reach.

Nobody wants to drive 50 miles or more for an evening out on the town, meaning many people’s best option is the online casino.

And this is one of the main driving forces behind the industry’s incredible projected 13.7% growth rate globally for 2023. Why take the time to go to a real casino when you can enjoy a similar experience from the comfort of your own home?


Some years ago, online casinos focused on offering the same casino games as their land-based counterparts. Today, this has been achieved, and online casino operators are now heading in a different direction.

Immersion is critical to the online player. This is also something that video gamers want in order to improve their experiences, and this is why iGaming operators have taken notice. Playerswant to feel as if they are playing inside a casino, from the comfort of their sofas. Operators have responded by ramping up the immersion through VR gaming and the introduction of live dealers.

Today, online casinos offer an incredible range of games while replicating the in-person casino experience.

Amazing bonuses

Rewarding your most loyal players has always been an integral part of the gambling industry. People want to feel as if their loyalty is being rewarded when making online play a part of their lifestyles.

In an online setting, you can get rewarded with free money, free spins and entry into prestigious loyalty clubs. Unlike land-based casinos, you can claim real money to either withdraw or play with.

Furthermore, the huge amount of competition means that online casinos are offering even more lucrative rewards to stay ahead of everybody else. This puts players in a powerful position.

Play all day, all night

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, the chances are you either don’t have a casino located close to your home or you are limited by opening and closing times.

Online casinos are the one type of casino that never closes, no matter what. Whether you want to log on for a few minutes during your daily commute or play at four in the morning, these venues never close.

Safe and secure gaming environments

Online casinos go the extra mile to ensure that you can enjoy a safe and secure gaming environment. Due to various regulations, they must do more to guarantee a fair gaming experience and to protect your data.

This hasled to today’s operators offering some of the most secure platforms online. You don’t have to carry cash or worry about losing your wallet. Online casinos are there to protect you, giving you the peace of mind to play without worrying about your safety.

Make new friends

Think modern online casinos are all about the game? Think again.

New technology and customer-centric approaches mean that you can make new friends while you play your favorite games. Online chatrooms and live dealer environments allow you to interact with other gamers to bring the social aspect of the casino into your life.

If you’re looking to kick back and make new friends, an online casino is the best way to do it in a relaxed, tranquil environment.


Online casinos are available all over Canada as part of independent brands, or connected to a land-based casino. With so many options available, it has never been simpler to find your tribe and play.

What’s your favorite online casino in Canada? Is it the range of slots on offer, the live dealer casinos, the straightforward deposit and payment methods or the robust security features? Perhaps it’s the convenience of playing on your mobile device. Whatever it is, online casinos have you covered.