Why You Should Play Diablo 2 If You Haven’t Already Before the Release of Diablo 4

Very soon, in the summer of 2023, Diablo 4 will receive an official release and complete the beta testing phase.

You can already play Diablo 4 by purchasing early access in order to have time to try out all the proposed heroes and decide on the main character.

You should take into account that absolutely every hero starts his journey with a completely empty inventory and only one skill for strengthening.

You have to go into the combat zone and beat the monsters to get yourself your first weapon and armor. You will not always receive equipment for your class – everything that does not suit your specialization, you will not be able to put on, but you can sell it to local NPCs.

You can go the other way – the NPC sells initial equipment, which you can simply buy by extracting local money from monsters, or pay for the purchase of diablo 4 gold from professional players and collect full starting equipment, which will help you quickly get used to the game and run through the first acts before most players.


Why you should play Diablo 2

The peak of the popularity of the Diablo series of games fell precisely on the second part with the addition of Lord of Destruction.

Despite the third part of the game, which supplemented the storyline, the peak of the story fell precisely on Diablo 2 and you can get acquainted with the main plot, which leads the player to the narrative that is offered in Diablo 4.

Main features of the second part:

  1. The motivation of each hero available for selection.
  2. The history of the rise and fall of the strongest evil that passed from the first part to the second.
  3. The main story that continues in Diablo 4 originates in Lord of Destruction.


After the completion of the events of the first Diablo, the hero defeats the monster of the same name and decides to seal his power in himself for control, but fails and Diablo breaks free in his true form, not forgetting to free other archdemons – Mephisto and Baal.

To fight the upcoming threat, 7 different heroes arrive in a small village, and you choose one of them for subsequent battles.

Motivation for each character:

  • Amazon – after the prophecy of the oracle, she believes that the victory over the supreme evil will bring a new era in which the Amazons will play a significant role.
  • A barbarian is an adventurer and cannot stand aside from such a strong battle and not take part in it.
  • Paladin – mourns the release of Mephisto and challenges the first reason for the formation of the order of the crusaders.
  • Sorceress – considers herself the strongest magician, and the current challenge for her as an opportunity to prove her power to everyone.
  • Necromancer – despite the commitment to dark magic, necromancers believe that the awakened evil disturbs the balance of the universe too much and are sent to fight it along with the adherents of light.


First act

The hero arrives in a small village and in order to go east, you need to help the local vests who are suffering from the dominance of monsters and a gang of bloody crows, and the demon Andariel with his minions has settled in the monastery.

During the journey, the hero finds a map indicating the path and method to the place of activation of the portal, going into it, you will find yourself in the underworld, where the demons forcibly hold Deckard Cain – an old man and a sage.

After defeating Andariel and Raven, the player gains access to sail to the east.

Second act

The city in the desert suffers from gangs, monsters, adepts of the Temple of the Clawed Viper and Tal-Rash, an ancient evil. The concentration of the forces of darkness and demons is so strong that the sun does not even shine in the region.

The player will have to go into the desert to find and destroy the temple of the Viper and return the light of the sun to the inhabitants, collect the staff in the cube of Haradrik and gain access to the Tal-Rasha temple, through the castle complex and free the region from its influence.

Third act

Finally, you are approaching one of the main culprits of the entire Diablo 2 event – Mephisto.

To get to one of the archdemons, you need to make your way through the jungle, find the lost city and challenge the local council, which will open the way to Mephisto’s location if you win.

The battle with Mephisto itself usually lasts much less than the path to it, and victory will allow you to release the archangel Mechael, who will accompany you in the future and help you deal with Diablo and Baal.

Fourth act

A short but very interesting act. You are on your way to the temple of Diablo – you have to go through two battle zones filled with demons, go into the temple and activate all the zones in the four cardinal points to start the fight with the archdemon.

By defeating Diablo, you will gain access to the final, fifth act and put an end to the reign of demons.

Fifth act

You arrive at the foot of a windy peak. Where demons besiege the village of barbarians. You must help the barbarians repel the attack and go further, to the foot of the windy peak.

When you reach Mount Ararat itself, you will be met by a council of sages that you need to overcome in order to get the right to pass into the bowels of the mountain and be able to fight with Baal himself.

In the bowels of the mountain, hordes of monsters will be waiting for you and open gates from which monsters will climb, you need to defeat them all, wave after wave, in order to go inside and fight with Baal himself.

Baal will summon minions, use magic and create an illusion of himself, but will still be defeated by a heavily pumped hero.

Perhaps Diablo 4 will be able to repeat the success of the second part – it will become known this summer, when the new Diablo will be officially released.