World Casinos that should be on your bucket list

Fans of traditional casinos don’t just appreciate the chance to play their favourite games all in one place, but they also enjoy travelling the world to see how people embrace the fun of gaming in other countries. Many enjoy the thrill of online gaming on sites such as Virgin Games, but appreciate the chance to play live casino games when they can.

While there are some spots that most people will be aware of, the gaming culture around the world has led to some truly amazing feats of engineering, architecture, and design. A tour of world casinos can also provide some fascinating insight into the culture and aesthetic of the country where they are built. Some of the most impressive include:

The Bellagio – Las Vegas

No list of casinos would be complete without mentioning the place it all began – Las Vegas. While it wasn’t the first city to have a casino, the story of how Las Vegas came to be the casino capital of the United States is an interesting one.

After the Great Depression, when money was scarce and many cities were struggling to meet their financial obligations, the State of Nevada opted to legalise casino gaming in order to try and generate some much-needed cash. With the Hoover Dam in progress just over the state line, workers were in the area with money to spend, and casinos provided entertainment and opportunities for fun.

One of the most impressive casinos to come out of this situation is The Bellagio, a resort that comprises a luxury hotel and casino as well as a wide variety of other entertainment options. The Bellagio has an international reputation for more than just its extensive casino as it is home to a world-famous dancing fountain, a conservatory, botanical gardens, a man-made lake, and the world’s largest glass sculpture.

Gamers can enjoy a wide variety of games in opulent surroundings that epitomises everything that people expect from a high-end casino, with some of the country’s top restaurants, a luxurious theatre, and designer retail outlets.

The Venetian Macao, China

Although Las Vegas has dominated the Western casino scene, Macau in China has taken over in recent years, capitalising on the fact that China’s vast population also enjoy the thrill of casino gaming. The biggest and most imposing of the casinos in the area is the Venetian, which was modelled on the casino of the same name in Las Vegas.

This casino is the second largest in the world, with a casino floor that covers more than half a million square feet. There are more than three thousand slot machines and eight hundred gaming tables, not to mention an arena, convention centre, theatre, and more.

Guests can enjoy the luxurious surroundings associated with high-end casinos, but with an emphasis on Chinese culture with the gaming spaces being named after some of the key figures in Chinese legend: Red Dragon, Phoenix, Imperial House, and Golden Fish.

Sun City – South Africa

As one of the most extravagant resorts in South Africa, Sun City is designed in the grand tradition of casinos with opulence and luxury as the cornerstones of every aspect. As well as plenty of open tables, there are private rooms where the very richest visitors can join high-stakes games.

You don’t have to be a high roller to have fun at this casino though – one of the things that makes this an appealing casino for visitors is the warm welcome they offer to new players. They host a game school that is aimed at helping beginners to understand the rules of the games and how to play, but, perhaps more importantly, they also cover casino etiquette for those that want to play like a pro.

Another thing that sets Sun City apart is the family-friendly nature of the resort which also includes a water park that is a firm favourite with visiting children. The resort neighbours the Pilanesberg Game Reserve which is an ideal place to visit when you want a break from the glamour of the gaming space.

Monte Carlo Casino – Monaco

As the gaming capital of Europe, Monte Carlo has been attracting visitors to its casinos for generations and the Monte Carlo Casino was the brainchild of Princess Caroline who was trying to save the ruling Grimaldi family from bankruptcy. It opened its doors in 1865 and was an instant hit with the aristocrats of the day who flocked to the tiny principality to play in some of the most glamorous surroundings.

The casino still provides an income for the ruling family of Monaco, and it continues to embody the glamour that it became famous for more than 150 years ago. Although it has been updated and modified, it still retains many of the original features that were designed by the original architects and the Beaux Arts style that it became famous for still prevails.

Although it has always been popular, the Monte Carlo Casino enjoyed international recognition when it was revealed to be James Bond’s favourite gaming house. Now inextricably linked with the smooth spy, the casino is a must-see for Bond fans as well as casino-goers.

Gaming is such a widespread cultural phenomenon that you can find casinos in many of the top destinations around the globe. Wherever you want to travel, you can find a lot of local colour and learn plenty about your host nation from visiting a casino while you’re away, not to mention the chance of winning big while you are away.