7 Things You May Not Know About Birmingham

Birmingham is the second biggest city in England, but it’s lesser known than many of the other big cities across the United Kingdom. The area is getting the love that it deserves this summer due to Birmingham hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games. But, here are seven things that you may not know about the famous city.

It Was Never Always Called Birmingham

While Birmingham is now the city name that everyone in the United Kingdom calls the second city, that hasn’t always been the case. According to, the city was called Brummagem back when it was first founded in 600 AD. The original city name has stuck with the city throughout its history, and is one of the main reasons why the location is now nicknamed Brum.

Youngest Place In Europe

While many cities are now outdated in terms on the residents that live there, the same can’t be said of Birmingham. The Second City is statistically the youngest in Europe, with 40% of the locals under the age of 25. This is certainly helped by the many universities around the city, but Birmingham is the best place to be if you’re younger and looking for your big break.

Parks Galore

Sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing in the open air and getting fresh air with friends or by yourself. If you are visiting Birmingham, there are more than enough spaces to get your fix, as the city plays host to over 570 parks, which is more than any other European city. The biggest park in Brum is Sutton Park, which is the biggest urban park in Europe and also a National Nature Reserve.

Heart Of Engineering

The world would look a much different place if it wasn’t for Birmingham, as the city is a hub of engineering. Brummie born Alexander Parkes invented plastic, while the most-loved plane, the Spitfire, was also built in the Second City. As well as that, the Mini Cooper was manufactured in Brum, as well as the world famous Land and Range Rovers. Meanwhile, the anchor for the Titanic was made in the Black Country.

More Canals Than Venice

If you have ever met a Brummie, then the fact that Birmingham has more canals than Venice wouldn’t be anything new. However, it is something that all local residents get a kick out of when telling more about their home city. The stats back it up too, as Birmingham is surrounded by 35 miles of canals.

Brum Loves A Celebration

Birmingham locals need no extra reasons to host a big party, with the Second City hosting 50 festivals annually. However, the biggest is the St Patrick’s Day Parade. The celebration is the biggest in England, and the third biggest in the world behind Dublin and New York.

Biggest Library In The World

Birmingham also plays host the biggest library in the world. It is a must-see for any visitors to the city, as it also houses a garden on the seventh floor and there are a number of different viewing platforms offering beautiful views of the city. The library also holds a year-long William Shakespeare exhibition and there is a National Film Achieve for the movie buffs.