Who Is Carolyn Shivers? Get To Know The Jeopardy Contestant

Carolyn Shivers is the new contestant on the 39th season of the quiz game show Jeopardy! She appeared on the 27th episode of the show on 7 February 2023.

On the Tuesday episode, she competed alongside three-day champion Matthew Marcus and Greg Snyder, a Call Center Manager from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carolyn finished second on the Tuesday episode of the show with a total score of $19,801. She scored $7,200 in the first round and in the second round, she banked $10,800.

Jeopardy is the top-rated TV quiz show with a weekly audience of over 20 million viewers. As of now, the show has won 43 Emmy Awards and holds the Guinness World Records title for the most Emmy Awards won by a TV game show.

So who is Carolyn Shivers and where is she from? Learn about her wiki, age, education, married life, family, job & details here.

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Carolyn Shivers Wiki, Age & Education

Carolyn is now in her late 30s when it comes to her age. There are no records regarding her actual birth date.

As per Linkedin, she is a 2008 graduate of the

She also completed a postdoctoral fellowship co-located at Michigan State University and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Shivers is eager to be the next champion on the episode of Jeopardy. She has stated that her dream come true after appearing on the show.

Carolyn Shivers Married Life & Family

Carolyn has not disclosed her married life and family yet. However, she seems to be a married woman as per her Facebook posts.

Similarly, she shares children from her marital relationship. She has shared a picture with her daughter on her Facebook back in 2016.

What Is Carolyn Shivers’s Job?

Carolyn holds a job in the education sector. She serves as an Associate Professor of Psychology at Niagara University. Her focus is to learn more about people with disabilities.

Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science and Director of the Pathways Minor in Disabilities Studies at Virginia Tech. There, she served for seven years before joining Niagara University in August 2022.

Shivers has been featured in numerous journals including the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Developmental Science, and Frontiers in Psychology.