Bianca Nobilo

Bianca Nobilo is a CNN anchor and correspondent, who joined the network in 2015. She is based on the London bureau and reports on the UK and European politics.


Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner is an American journalist currently serving as the co-host of The Circus on Showtime. She is also a CBS News correspondent since 2016.


Margaret Brennan

Margaret Brennan is an American journalist serving as the Foreign Affairs Correspondent of CBS News. She is the current moderator of Face the Nation on the network.


Bianna Goloddryga

Bianna Goloddryga is a Moldova-born American journalist serving as a senior global affairs analyst at CNN. She was one of the four co-hosts of CBS This Morning.


Zain Asher

Zain Asher is a British Nigerian news anchor at CNN International, based in New York City. She appears as an anchor on CNN Newsroom on the network.


Elise Jordan

Elise Jordan currently serves as a contributor for the news magazine, Time. Besides, she takes responsibility as an NBC News/MSNBC political analyst.


Deborah Norville

Deborah Norville is an American journalist known for her works on Fox News, NBC, ABC, and CBS. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Viacom Corporation.


Lauren Green

American journalist Lauren Green is a familiar face at the Fox News. She is a Chief Religion Correspondent for the network, based in the New York bureau.


Brianna Keilar

Brianna Keilar is an Australia-born American journalist, who is one of the long-serving correspondents for CNN. She now appears as an anchor on CNN Right Now.


Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is an Emmy Award-winning, American journalist for the Fox News Channel. She serves as a New York-based correspondent for the network.


Rebecca Buck

Rebecca Buck is an American journalist currently serving as a political reporter and analyst on CNN. She would be covering the 2020 presidential campaign.


Vanessa Borge

Vanessa Borge is an Emmy award-winning American journalist at FOX 11. She co-anchors a morning show, Good Day LA along with Megan Colarossi.


Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry is an American media personality, currently serving as a commentator on Fox Nation. The former ESPN personality hosts a show on WTTG Fox 5.


Jameela Jamil

Multi-talented personality Jameela Jamil is a British actress, radio presenter and activist. She was the first solo female presenter of the BBC Radio 1 Chart show.