Everything about Snopes Co-Founder David Mikkelson; Wiki & Wife

Doreen Marchionni, Snopes’ VP of Editorial and Managing Editor, has removed David Mikkelson from his editorial duties until a thorough internal review. However, he is still a director and a 50% shareholder in the corporation.

Snopes.com was founded by David and his first wife Barbara Mikkelson in 1994 as an urban folklore website.

Also, it was an early online encyclopedia devoted to urban legends that mostly displayed search results from user forums.

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Later, the site expanded to include a wide range of topics and became a place where Internet users began uploading photos and stories of dubious reliability.

Mikkelson’s personal life, including his marriage, bio, net worth, and divorce, is detailed in this article.

Who is David Mikkelson’s First Wife? More on his Divorce

David had his first wedding with Barbara Mikkelson, who had half ownership of the company. The couple met in the alt.folklore.urban newsgroup in California, according to reports.

The length of time the pair was together is unknown. They did, however, divorce in 2014.

Barbara Mikkelson was born in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She agreed to a contract with appropriate media in which she sold half of her ownership to the corporation.

In 2017, David attempted to sabotage contact with the proper media. As a result, his first wife has no ownership of the company.

David Mikkelson’s Second Wife

After his split with Barbara, David tied his wedding knot to Elyssa Young in 2016.  Until 2015, she worked as an escort and porn actress in Las Vegas.

David and Elyssa moved from California to Tacoma, Wisconsin, in 2017 after purchasing Elyssa’s parents’ home.

The house, according to the Seattle Times, was 97 years old and located in the city’s North end.

David Mikkelson Bio; Age, Parents, Nationality

Mikkelson’s age in 2021 is 61 years. He blows his birthday candle every year on 12 April.

David Mikkelson was born in the United States to Melvin and Gloria Mikkelson. He was raised by his parents alongside three siblings; Stephanie Larsen, Anthony Mikkelson, and Eric Mikkelson.

Before retiring in 1993, his father worked for McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft for 43 years.

Consequently, David lost his mother on 16 December 2008. She passed away due to apparent heart failure.

Mikkelson’s life took a turn for the worst in April of 2013 when his father passed away. Melvin Mikkelson had been battling colon cancer for quite some time.

The scoopes.com founder stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters). He holds American Nationality.

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How Much Net Worth Does David Mikkelson Have?

Mikkelson has garnered huge assets from his professional career.

He has been running the site employing 16 people across the country, half of the fact-checkers and the rest on the business and website.

As an owner of Snopes.com, David enjoys an estimated net worth of $80 million.

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