Ramon Sosa Wiki; Where Is He Now?

Ramon Sosa is a successful businessman and former pro-boxer American Boxer who competed in over 100 amateur fights. Also, he owned two gyms in Houston, Texas.

Sosa has been a fighter all his life, both in and out of the boxing ring.

Besides, he is the author of the book ‘I Walked on my own Grave’ which received a huge public appraisal. It was published in Spanish as well.

Let’s go closer into Ramon Sosa’s age, family, wife, Maria Sosa, net worth, and current status.

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Ramon Sosa Wiki; Age, Family Life

Born on June 1, 1967, Ramon is now 54 years by age. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and spent his first five years of childhood there.

Well, Sosa considers himself a proud Latino. His mother and father fostered in him and his three siblings an appreciation for the colorful culture’s essential principles.

In hopes of a better life, his father relocated the family to Brooklyn, New York. Ramon first became interested in boxing when he was seven years old, in Brooklyn.

Later, Sosa relocated to Texas and launched a professional boxing career.

Ramon Sosa’s Married Life; Wife, Maria Sosa

Ramon’s first marriage terminated in the year 2000. Afterward, he met Maria Sosa “Lulu” a few years later and they soon fell in love.

Eventually, the pair married in March 2009 after a whirlwind romance.

Things were going well for them at first, they were in love and had even built a second gym together in 2010, with Lulu working as a trainer and handling the finances.

However, roughly six years into their marriage, things began to fall apart.

Lulu had engaged a divorce attorney in March 2015 and the divorce proceedings had begun. She attempted to hire a hitman for $2,000 to kill him, but Ramon foiled her plans.

Sosa collaborated with the FBI to manufacture fake murder images, which led to the arrest of Mexican Lulu and her 20-year sentence.

How Much Net Worth Does Ramon Sosa Have?

Ramon’s captivating narrative drew international attention. His book brought him a lot of money.

Sosa has amassed a large fortune as a former boxer and owner of gyms. Today, Ramon Sosa is a sought-after public speaker on the subject.

His exact net worth, however, is still unknown.

Where Is Ramon Sosa Now?

Ramon’s miraculous story of survival and the brilliant scheme that enabled it has received worldwide notice, with him appearing in numerous interviews and news articles.

Similarly, he makes the most of his platform by raising awareness and serving as a spokesperson for the all-too-common problem of males trapped in abusive and manipulative relationships.

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As of now, Ramon lives in Houston, Texas, and has written a book called “I Walked on My Own Grave” on his experiences, which was just translated into Spanish.

Sosa hopes that by speaking openly about his background, he will inspire others to do the same.

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