Everything you Need to Know About CBD Flower as a Beginner

CBD flower is the bud from the Cannabis Sativa plant that is then dried to be consumed in various ways that we will discuss in this article. Breeders have come up with Sativa and Indica plants with higher levels of CBD than ever before – as high as 25% – and low THC to make the final product legally acceptable on the market. 

Hemp flower is used both recreationally and medically, and it is popular because of the number of terpenes in these buds. They are packed with flavor and are aromatic depending on the strain and the terpenes in them. 

Are hemp flowers safe for beginners? They are since they contain more CBD than any other compound, and just like every other product, they are dosed correctly. This article looks into the best CBD flower practices for beginners. 

Things that Beginners Should Know About CBD Flowers

As a beginner, you want to do a bit of research before diving into hemp flower. Even though its main component is CBD, you will want to know about dosing, what to expect, and why most people use it. 


Most flower brands contain between 15 and 25% CBD, preferred for recreational and medicinal purposes. You may want to check the amount of THC present, but most companies will keep it below 0.3% to comply with the Farm Bill of 2018. You can still dose your joint by calculating the percentage per amount consumed. If the total amount of CBD in flower is 20% and the total quantity is 1000mg of flower, then you have 200mg of CBD per 1000mg of the flower. This enables you to measure how much you will consume per joint if you weigh it before rolling. 

The unspoken rule of thumb is to slowly ease into your smoke session to see how much product you can tolerate, and this is yet another way to dose yourself. Wait 20 minutes before lighting up another joint or vaping some more to see how well your body handles the product. 

The Entourage Effect 

You realize a powerful effect when you consume THC and CBD: the entourage effect. These two compounds achieve synergy when used together as opposed to being consumed separately, and together they give better results. You feel the therapeutic effects and relation much better when they are used simultaneously, explaining why the best CBD flower needs just the right dose of THC. 

CBD enhances the pain-relieving qualities of THC and allows it to stay longer in the body to benefit people dealing with chronic pain. These two compounds complete each other through the effects they release, which is why CBD flower is preferred by those using weed for medical purposes. 

Lab Tests, Terpenes, and CBD Content

Lab and third-party tests will tell you the amount of THC in a product and whether or not it has any metals or pesticides, you should be concerned about. This product will end up in your body, so you want to take the time to read these details that are usually easily provided on your preferred brand’s website. The CBD content is labeled on the product, and as we mentioned above, you will find it better to start slow as you understand your tolerance levels. 

The terpenes will determine the aroma and taste, so you may want to know the details before diving in and buying. It helps to know that fresher product contains more potency and better effects. 

Primary Terpenes

Pinene: You get it from pine trees, and it smells like pine. – earthy and woody. It is regularly used as a bronchial dilator, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.  

Humulene: It is outdoorsy and woody and ideal as an appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory. 

Limonene: Its citrusy scent reminds a user of orange peels, and the taste is just as sweet. This compound is a mood elevator that uplifts the spirit to reduce anxiety and depression. It also works as a digestive aid.

Myrcene: This compound carries an earthy, clove-like aroma that most weed users seem to like. It is an ideal sedative, so you will be couch-locked if you use it. Since it enhances absorption, a user will have more cannabinoids in the body, leading to a euphoric feeling and longer-lasting effects. Due to its calming and relaxing effects, the products containing these terpenes are best used in the evening. 

Secondary Terpenes

Borneol: Minty aroma and flavor, and if you are keen, you will notice some subtle metallic tone. It’s an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. 

Phytol: Has floral tones and is ideal for relaxation and dealing with anxiety.

Eucalyptol: The aroma is menthol and minty scent, and it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Sabinene: It is peppery or spicy in scent and taste. It is found in small doses in medicinal strains for anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

The Various Methods of Application

There are several CBD products: oils, topicals, various edibles, bath bombs, and the regular joint, all with their consumption methods. The market has many CBD flower options and brands with various consumption methods. 

Smoking: Just roll it up and smoke it like a regular joint. The effects hit the head and the bloodstream almost instantly and will last, depending on the strain. 

Baked Goods: When you decarboxylate the flower using minimal heat, you activate the CBDA in them, and you can use your product for baking edibles or even infuse your oils and bath water. 

Infused Tea: You can enjoy some ‘high’ tea by throwing in some flower to your boiling tea and then steeping it to allow proper infusion. 

Effects of Hemp Flower 

Depending on the strain, you may feel relaxed, sleepy, focused, friendly, less anxious, pain relief, and hungry, among other effects. The entourage effect delivered by the combination of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids informs the effects that a person will receive. Most people using CBD flower for medicinal purposes apply it for pain relief, relaxation, insomnia, anxiety, and general well-being. 

Depending on the strain, you may experience some side effects, such as dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. It helps to start slow and adjust your dosage upwards as your system gets used to the product. 

Products for Beginners

Beginners may want products with lower CBD percentages for sampling before building up to higher percentages. We found some ideal certified brands you may want to try. 

Pro Tip: You may want to subscribe to websites to know when they have CBD flower for sale to save you some cash. 

These products are low on CBD and THC and ideal for beginners: 

Lemonhead Haze Artisan Hemp – Nuvita

This product has 14.3% CBD and less than 0.3% THC to comply with the authorities, making it just right for beginners. It relaxes the mind, rejuvenates, and allows one to focus. Lemonhead Haze is ideal for daytime use. 

Sugar Queen CBD – Botany Farms 

With 11.6% and less than 0.3% THC, this is yet another impressive choice for beginners. It has sweet candy and flower tones resulting from the many trichomes on the bud. Sugar Queen uplifts and releases stress, making it ideal for daily use, especially in the morning. 

Cloud 9 Citrus Artisan Hemp Flower – Nuvita 

The CBD component is 13.8%, while THC is less than 0.3%, as expected by the authorities. It has over 10 terpenes that enhance its aroma, taste, and effects so that you feel elevated right after consumption. Cloud 9 works best as a daytime boost as it relieves stress, elevates the mood, and makes a user feel sociable. 


A responsible beginner will want to ease into the product slowly so they can understand how much of it their body can handle. The benefits of hemp flower vary from relaxation to sedation and pain relief, and you can choose the strains with the amount of CBD you need. You want to buy from verified and certified sites that sell clean products with proper labels of the amount of THC and CBD contained. Currently, it is legal to use CBD flower in most parts of the US. 


Q: Can CBD products show up in a drug test? 

A: Yes. Even though CDB doesn’t make one high, the flower contains at least 0.3% THC that will have the THC metabolite THC-COOH that drug tests look for. You are advised to avoid it if taking drug tests in, say, a week. 

Q: Do I need to dose my flower?

A: Yes, because even though CBD is milder than THC, you still need to know how much your body can tolerate easily. 

Q: Which is the best way to consume hemp flower? 

A: There are various forms: smoking, tea infusion, in baths, infusing coconut oil for topical application or cooking, and in baked goodies. You are spoiled for choice!

Q: Is CBD flower safe for me? 

A: Yes, they are, as CBD is mild without the cerebral high from THC. Actually, you can use it to restore equilibrium if you are too high from using a THC-dominant product. You may need to consult your doctor before using hemp flower if you have underlying medical conditions.