Gambling Facts: How do Britons gamble?

Since the 2014 overhaul of gambling laws, several aspects of the UK gaming business have seen exponential growth. British citizens have long found amusement in activities like online casino gaming, lottery, and betting. Horse racing betting, football betting, and tennis betting are all activities that nearly the whole country enjoys.

Statistics on gambling in the United Kingdom are compiled and released twice yearly. The gambling business compiles and publishes statistics twice a year, in May and November. That is to say, the Gambling UK Commission makes this data accessible to the general public so that everyone from gamblers to casino owners to analysts to journalists and pretty much anyone else may use it.

Here, we break down the recent data and show you how Britons gamble.

What do Britons Gamble On?

TheNational Lottery is one of the most popular types of gambling in the United Kingdom, with about 30% of adults in the country buying a ticket.  Sports betting is another hugely popular type of gambling in the United Kingdom. As 5.2% of British residents bet on one of the many sports betting markets available, sportsbooks appear to be extremely popular.


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Football, horse racing, and rugby are the three most popular betting options, which is not surprising considering that they are the three most watched sports. Tennis, cricket, and basketball are among the more prominent sports betting markets.

Online Casinos Continue to Appeal

Almost half of the adult population, or 24 million people, participate in online gaming at least once every month, according to UK gambling data. The majority of online gamblers utilise mobile devices; 50% of them use their phones to place wagers on sports betting platforms or use one of the casino appsthat people enjoy.Popular sites like Amazon Slots casino where you can pay by phone bill are also proving to be convenient to UK bettors. Easy deposits often attract players to sites like this one.

Online Slots Are Still Popular

In the past year, there has been a shift toward gambling online, which has contributed to the rise in the popularity of casino games. By a wide margin, the most popular choice is playing slot machines (69%), trailed by roulette (14%) and blackjack (6%). Along with being simpler to access, these games also cost less because they need smaller deposits and frequently offer bonuses.

The Growth of Sports Betting

A total of 7% of people living in the United Kingdom admitted to placing bets on sports in the preceding year. The British public wager on a variety of sports either offline or via websites that specialise in sports betting. The betting odds are frequently broken down for users of online gambling sites, which is a definite plus.

Football & Horse Racing

Bettors in the United Kingdom favour football more than any other sport, as evidenced by the £786 million (or 40% of all sports bets) they wagered on the sport. In Britain, horse racing betting is also a very popular sport, and there are many races that offer chances for horse betting. In the UK, 3.5% of all gamblers place bets on horse races, often using each-way wagers on the many available betting apps.