Is It OK To Be Single Nowadays?

Even in the modern era, being single is not seen as a great thing, especially since movies, social media, ads, and the entire society around us promote being in a relationship.

However, there are some great benefits for those who didn’t manage to find their significant other, no matter what society tells us. Being alone and being lonely are two separate things, and it all comes down to a matter of perception and mindset.

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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Looking for a Partner

Before rushing into dating services, take a step back and ask yourself if this is what you truly want and how you want it. It’s perfectly fine and natural to want a lover, but if you are looking for a partner just to fill an empty space, you will only end up alone again, just as empty as before.

It is far more reasonable to pick online dating websites which are just for casual encounters if hook-up dating is all you desire or require. This way, you get what you crave, and you don’t get hurt.


A healthy relationship can only be built by two emotionally stable people and fine being on their own. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? How can love exist between two people that are perfectly fine with being alone? Well, most toxic relationships display signs of obsession in one of the partners or both as well as co-dependent behavior. An this is the reason why so many people are happy with no strings attached relationships or occasional hookups.

A relationship is a choice from two sides, where both partners make a conscious decision of loving each other with both qualities and flows. They decide to stick around because they want to, not because they see no other way.

You should never enter co-dependent relationships with people who try to replace a hole in their hearts. You won’t be able to fill that gap, and you will only hurt yourself in the process. However, you should search for stable people that you can grow with and further develop harmoniously.

Are There Any Advantages to Being Single?

Contrary to many beliefs, there are actually plenty of advantages to being single. Being free is great, especially if you are trying to discover yourself or you want to focus on something important for you like school, courses, or a career.

You have fewer responsibilities when you are alone, meaning that you have more time to do all the things you want without worrying about compromises. There are fewer spendings, which means more money in your wallet.

Use the opportunity to buy yourself some nice gifts or travel to places you’ve always wanted. Who knows, love might actually come on the way.

More free time and independence will let you get to know every single corner of your soul without having to report yourself to another’s standards or expectations, while casual flings, online chats, or hookups can satisfy your need for intimacy.

Studies also show that single people are healthier because they tend to exercise more in order to look great and attract a partner. While exercising is great and healthy, you should be doing it for health reasons, not because you want to attract someone. What Are the Reasons to Try Finding Your Significant Other

After society’s perception, being single is seen as something to be pitied, which is wrong. As shown above, there are plenty of benefits of being single. You should only get into a relationship because you actually care about the other person, not because you should never be alone.


Actually, in the current dating trends, being alone for a period of time can prepare you and make you open to a new love opportunity whenever it arises. Love is not something you go out and hunt for, but instead, it’s something you create consciously in time with another human being.

Finding the love of your life is not an easy task, especially if you have had some bad incidents in the past. When we are hurt, we tend to raise walls to protect ourselves. Also, we become pickier when it comes to lovers, and with each experience, we raise our standards.

Of course, the contrary could happen where some people may encounter self-esteem issues and will lower the standards instead of raising them, leading to even more bad experiences.


Being single is not a bad thing as long as you are comfortable with your solitude and not bothered by others’ opinions. Finding someone is not a “must” but more likely an “I’m ready” process. Life is surely great in two if you have a lot of things in common and if you help each other improve every day.

It’s not wrong to put yourself out there and join online dating websites and let the world know that you are ready to love and be loved, but the decision should only come for the right reasons. You should start a relationship with a person who can actually be your other half. To put it simply, if you don’t have butterflies in your stomach, you are better off alone.

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