How To Enjoy A Respectful And Pleasurable Date With An Escort In Auckland?

For those who would like to hire an Auckland escort, you can check to find the most beautiful Auckland models. Note, you will only have a respectful and pleasurable date with an escort if you treat the escort as a human and not just some tool to be used.

As such, we came up with the following tips to aid anyone unsure how to behave or how to plan for a respectful and pleasurable date with an escort.

Do your research

The first thing that should be on your bucket list of things to do when planning for a respectful date with an escort is to do a little research on the model. You want to hire an escort for a specific period and purpose. And you also want the escort to be timely and professional. As such, reviews from other customers can be a good place to start.

In addition, many of the girls you will meet have a complete and complex profile. You can ask the model for more information about herself if that will make you feel more comfortable. Because studying a model’s profile before the date can help you greatly in respect to what her expectations will be and what to expect.

Payment process

Things can get awkward when talking about payment with an escort. As such, we often recommend discussing the payment process over the phone or via chat before meeting up with the escort. It’s important to always stay safe and not appear desperate. At Naughty Ads, we always recommend users not to give out their credit card details or anything too personal to an escort.

Preferable pay escort cash, and always have the cash at hand at the meeting point. If you like, let the payment be the first thing you do on meeting up with the escort. And if it is comfortable with the escort, payment can also be the last thing you do at the end of the date. Whatever the case may be, ensure you have this conversation with the escort before meeting up to avoid awkward conversations.

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The meeting

The meeting point is another important part to plan for if you want to enjoy a respectful and pleasurable date with an escort. Agree on a location and a plan that will be favourable for both of you and arrive on time. If at the end of the date, you plan on having sex with the escort, have the conversation with the escort and make arrangements for it ahead.

While most of the time, people meet up with escorts at hotels, you can also spice things up by meeting for a nice meal. You can make a reservation at a fine restaurant and have a nice dinner together. Another idea can be to meet the escort at a cinema, or you can go watch the orchestra at the theatre. Whatever it is you both enjoy doing, feel free to engage in them to help build the bond with the escort before heading to the hotel room.

First impression matters

Importantly, when you meet up with an escort you met at Naughty ads, note that your first impression matters a lot. Arriving on time, perhaps 30 minutes before the agreed-upon time shows you respect your time boundaries. And to completely bring down her walls, being a gift, perhaps a bottle of wine or flower tells your date you are thoughtful.

While you may have little regard for your escort, that doesn’t mean you should show up for the date looking all sweating in your office dress. Before the date, take a shower, groom your hair, and put on some nice clothes. Put on a nice cologne to smell nice as well.

Avoid probing questions

When on a date, while many people often fail at this, try your best as possible to avoid probing questions. Don’t make your date feel like they are on the hot seat or in an examination hall. While there may be lots of questions you may have to ask, resist the urge to ask them.

Focus more on making the evening memorable and fun. Listen to her when she talks, and try to maintain eye contact from time to time. Also, pay attention to her body language and notice when she is beginning to loosen up to you.


To sum things up, while Naughty Ads will link you up with the most beautiful Auckland models, having a respectful and pleasurable date is entirely up to you. How you plan your date will determine how the date will end up.

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