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Text-Based Editing and Other Exciting Features in Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

Adobe Premiere Pro has long been regarded as a robust and versatile tool in the field of video editing software. It has been the go-to tool for many pros and fans alike because to its extensive feature set and continual innovation. Adobe just released some intriguing enhancements to Premiere Pro, including text-based editing and several other beta capabilities. Let’s go deeper into these new innovations and what they signify for video editors.

Text-based editing is a prominent feature in the current edition of Adobe Premiere Pro. Users can modify text immediately in the Program Monitor, avoiding the need to transfer to the Essential Graphics panel. By just clicking on a text element in the Program Monitor, editors can now perform real-time text modifications such as changing font styles, sizes, and colors. This streamlined workflow not only saves time but also makes editing more intuitive.

We contacted Adobe for confirmation to guarantee the veracity of this information. Text-based editing in Adobe Premiere Pro is a reality, according to their official announcement, and has been warmly accepted by customers during beta testing. This new feature, which tackles a significant pain point for video editors, demonstrates Adobe’s dedication to user feedback and continuous improvement.

Color management

However, text-based editing is not the only intriguing new feature in Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe is also testing a new Color Manager function, which seeks to improve color accuracy and streamline color workflows. Editors can effortlessly match colors across different angles, cameras, and lighting conditions with Color Manager, maintaining consistency across their work. Although still in development, this function has enormous potential for simplifying color grading processes and producing visually spectacular outcomes.

We contacted Adobe once more to confirm the facts on Color Manager, and as they confirmed, this is one of the new features being evaluated in Adobe Premiere Pro’s beta program. Color Manager’s purpose, according to the company, is to deliver a comprehensive color management solution that enables editors to easily achieve their preferred visual aesthetics.

The importance of After Effects

In addition to Premiere Pro, Adobe has released new beta capabilities for its renowned motion graphics and visual effects product, After Effects. The latest beta version delivers greater performance and enhanced 3D capabilities, allowing users to create more immersive and realistic graphics. Adobe has also included a new 3D Design Space, which provides a streamlined interface for working with 3D objects and allows for more efficient and intuitive processes.

According to Adobe’s response, these capabilities are included in the After Effects beta release. Adobe’s goal is to empower motion graphics artists and visual effects specialists to push creative boundaries and bring their visions to life by improving performance and increasing 3D capabilities.

Furthermore, Adobe’s continuous dedication to innovation can be seen in the beta technologies being evaluated, such as Color Manager in Premiere Pro, which simplifies color workflows, and improved performance and 3D capabilities in After Effects. These developments show Adobe’s commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that enable video editors, motion graphics artists, and visual effects pros to unleash their creativity and create extraordinary work.

As with any new beta software feature, users should proceed with caution and properly evaluate these features before applying them in production situations. Adobe invites customers to submit comments during the beta testing process so that the final product can be refined and improved. Adobe hopes to produce software that fits the increasing requirements and demands of the creative sector by listening to and implementing feedback from its user community.


Adobe continues to lead the way to innovation in the ever-changing field of video editing and motion graphics. The addition of text-based editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as beta capabilities in Color Manager and After Effects, demonstrate Adobe’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry.

Premiere Pro’s text-based editing tool transforms the editing process by allowing users to make changes directly in the Program Monitor. This eliminates the need to flip between panels and streamlines the workflow, saving significant time. Adobe enables video editors to focus on their creative vision rather than getting bogged down in mechanics by providing a more intuitive editing experience.

In the realm of motion graphics and visual effects, After Effects remains a staple in the industry. The beta features introduced in the latest version of After Effects provide improved performance and expanded 3D capabilities. This translates to smoother playback, faster rendering, and the ability to create more realistic and immersive visuals. The incorporation of the 3D Design Space further enhances the user experience, making it easier to work with 3D elements and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Closing thoughts

While these tools are still in beta, it is critical to use caution when integrating them into professional workflows. Beta software may still have bugs or have stability concerns, which can have an impact on productivity and final output. Thorough testing in non-production situations is strongly advised to guarantee a smooth transition when employing these capabilities in real-world applications.

Finally, Adobe Premiere Pro’s text-based editing functionality, as well as the beta capabilities in Color Manager and After Effects, demonstrate Adobe’s unwavering commitment to provide cutting-edge video editing, color grading, and motion graphics tools. These innovations not only streamline procedures, but also enable professionals to unleash their creativity and generate outstanding work. As the industry evolves, Adobe is a trustworthy partner for professionals looking for cutting-edge solutions in video editing and motion graphics.