Where Would Another Tiger Woods Win Rank Among The Greatest Comebacks In Sport?

By now, you may have lost count with regards to how many Tiger Woods comebacks there have been over the course of his career. On the one hand, it’s a tragedy that he has had to make so many and on the other, it’s inspiring that Woods has been able to consistently defy the odds by getting himself back on tour after so many career-threatening setbacks.

Now in early April 2022, the world is wondering if there is any chance that Woods can do it yet again as the Masters approaches. Of course, if punters bet on Masters 2022 they will see Woods at odds of 50/1 to win the 86th edition of the event but realistically speaking, this particular feat may prove too soon in Woods’ recovery.

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Naturally, you never should write Woods off and that is a lesson the sporting world learns time and time again. This is a man who was, after all, able to win the 2019 Masters after an eleven-year gap between major wins. Indeed, given that Woods couldn’t walk only 300 days before, his Masters triumph three years ago must go down as one of the greatest accomplishments in sporting history.

But if he was able to win again, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a major, where would that rank given how turbulent the last year has been for the 15-time Major winner?

This time, Woods is coming back after narrowly avoiding having his leg amputated in 2021 and has spent the last 12 months quietly getting himself back into tournament shape. In many respects, Woods’ recent rehabilitation in the gym has gone under the radar with most sports fans and punters convinced that he wouldn’t ever play around at his local club in Florida again, never mind compete with the world’s best on the PGA Tour.

But once again, here we are, in the spring of 2022 with Woods flying into Augusta, Georgia, to play a practice round before the Masters against all the odds.

This suggests that Woods will certainly play on the PGA Tour again in 2022 and when he does, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. But can you imagine if he were able to do the impossible and beat the rest of the field? Surely, just surely, it would rank as the most impressive accomplishment in the history of spring competition. As touched on, the achievement wouldn’t necessarily be based on winning the most prestigious trophy but rather the fact that this man has somehow climbed back into the winners’ circle.

Furthermore, the most exciting part about the remaining few years of his career is that we have first-hand experience of how he is able to rip up the script and write a new one in the most dramatic fashion. In this sense, the world will come to a standstill every time he is in contention to win.

It may indeed be Woods’ last hurrah and yes, there is an inevitable sadness that comes with this particular realization but thanks to the 46-year-old making yet another astounding recovery, we will be treated to one of the most spine-tingling swansongs in anY era of professional sport.

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