What is a Cricket Beamer?

There are many reasons why cricket is such an interesting sport. For example, it has quite a set of terms that are great to understand. A great bet link is, and it can be visited at any moment in order to wager on great cricket players from all over the world.

An intriguing concept is known as the beamer. This is a specific kind of delivery that is thrown in such a way that instead of bouncing, it passes next to the batter at a height that is above his waist.

Yet, it should be clarified that this is in no way a legal way to bowl a ball. It is considered as a dangerous thing that can even cause injuries to batters who are hit by the ball. A great bet link is the 1xBet website, and punters can also visit it in order to wager on a delivery of this kind happening in a match.

How can this happen?

There are basically two ways in which a beamer can happen. First, from time to time it can happen that the ball slips from the bowler’s hand at the time of the delivery. Normally this is an accidental circumstance, and a no-ball is immediately declared by the umpire. Punters can go to and start wagering on the chance of a no-ball happening during a match.

However, more seriously, but also more rarely, this can be an intentional occurrence. Sometimes it can happen that a bowler is mad with a batter for a particular reason. Of course, this is still an unjustifiable reason to do such delivery, as these kinds of balls can cause injuries to people who are hit with them. This also goes against the sportsmanship that cricketers are expected to display during matches. The 1xBet website has an incredibly diverse cricket section, which also offers the chance to wager if a beamer will occur in one of the many matches featured.

Famous beamer occurrences

Good sportsmanship is a crucial part of cricket as a sport. As such, beamers that have been made intentionally are quite famous, especially if they happen in high-profile matches. Punters can get the betting apps download 1xBet, which can be used on all kinds of bowling occurrences.

Some examples of famous beamers include:

  • Waqar Younis was prevented from continuing bowling in a 2003 Cricket World Cup matches, after a succession of beamers;
  • in 2014, Abdur Rehman from Pakistan was expelled from a match after throwing three consecutive beamers;
  • also, Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan stated that at some moment he intentionally threw a beamer against MS Dhoni.

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