What Makes Soccer So Popular in the World?

Every sport has its own factors that makes it loveable, the excitement and the energy of every game is different which contributes to its popularity. When you talk about games like soccer, then you might be aware of its popularity in the world, it’s one of those games which is played internationally and not just in a particular region. Moreover, the simplicity of soccer in terms of learning and grasping the techniques makes it more special for the players and viewers. Also, there is a big reason for why soccer is internationally accepted, that is purely because of the abundance of love that it gets from the audience in the world. Thus, by the end of this article you will know many such factors that makes soccer so special and popular game for the masses.

  1. Centered around the player

Unlike other games soccer is more focused on the single player, which means the performance of each player impacts the final result. In this way every player gets a fair chance to showcase his/her abilities in front of the audience. It gives opportunity to every player to shine, which gives a feeling of satisfaction. Besides, another good thing about soccer is, it gives chance to player to change the strategy if it doesn’t work. Unlike, other games like football, the instructions and strategies are made by coaches and the players have to follow them. But in soccer players can break few strategies on the ground and can come up with new ones. In this way soccer gives you more liberty to play the game with a fewer number of restrictions, and you get to shine individually.

  1. Simple to play


Any sport which is easy to understand is more popular than ones which are complex to understand. This is because people prefer watching such sports which are simple, and which doesn’t require extra effort to understand. So, when you talk about soccer, then this sport is easiest to play and the rules and regulations of the game are also very simple to understand, for this reason it is more engaging. Besides, many people haven’t played soccer in their lives, but still, they enjoy the game, this is definitely because of its simplicity. When you talk about basic soccer then it is very easy to understand. Every player is given the time of 90 minutes to make the ball go into the opponent’s goal, without using the hands, and each goal worth one point. So, the team with maximum number of goals wins.

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  1. Competitiveness

Competitiveness is one thing that makes any sport interesting. So, when you talk about soccer then it is one of the most competitive sports in the world. Excluding U.S.A. in many big countries people have their personal sentiments attached with the game, and it is an emotion for them. People actually divide themselves into teams, and support their favorite cities, like in MLS rivalries, fans show different gestures to support their favorite players and do everything that is possible to boost their motivation to win the competition. Besides, competition is something which attracts the players to play the sport and which also attracts the audience to watch any sport. Games in world cup and Champion Leagues are very tight and players do whatever it needs to win the game. This is the level of competitiveness that you will find in soccer and this makes the game so much interesting to play.

  1. Watching time is brief


Duration of any sport is also one factor that makes it interesting or boring. Many sports have the duration of 3-4 hours which makes them boring to watch as the mind gets tired due to continuously watching them. But when you talk about soccer, then the duration is brief, that is maximum it takes 2 hours to finish the league. This keeps the audience more involved in the game, as it is not boring to watch. Moreover, along with brief time, soccer is faster and involve more activity, this makes soccer being more popular game due to its quick and continuous activities.

  1. Comparatively safer to play


Every game has its own risks which makes it dangerous to play. But when you talk about soccer then this game involves comparatively less risks than any other game. When you know tricks and techniques to play the game properly then you can avoid many dangerous accidents. Besides, the risk of head and spine injury in soccer is less than football or any other game that you play. If you use right equipment and gears you can possibly prevent the slightest possibility of getting hurt.

  1. It is appealing to watch

Soccer is one of those games which is pleasing to witness. The roaring of fans in the stadium and the cheerful and energetic screams of the audience sets the par high. Besides, the ground covered with green grass looks so appealing to the eyes, and every team represents their own nation which fills everyone with another level of emotions. This suggests, that soccer is more than just a sport and it is an emotion for many people. The game is just beautiful to witness and every single thing about it is highly pleasing.


Soccer is one of the highest watched sports in the world followed by basketball, cricket and football. Soccer is an emotion for many people and that is why they feel more connected to it than any other sport. Besides, when you look down in the history of soccer, then you will find instances where people started following soccer out of passion in the early-stage of their life. This is surely due to its immense simplicity and comparative advantage over other games. Thus, if you look forward to learn any game, then soccer must be in your list, in very less time with great dedication and devotion you can learn this sport, these underlying advantages really makes it a great sport to play.