The Hottest Tattoo Designs to Maximize Your Magnetism

Do you know what it means to have charisma? How can someone have a magnetic personality? Can you possibly find a way to develop certain traits that would instantly make you look irresistible? The truth is that anyone can work on themselves and build magnetic personality traits to invite new people into their lives. One way of doing it is through a hot tattoo design.

Without finding a way to look attractive to others (let’s say mature ladies if they are your type), you just cannot hope to find yourself a date. No doubt, the advent of online dating sites has truly made it easier to find like-minded people. You can create an account with a popular adult dating site and browse through their database to find naughty mature hookups.

The problem is that even on a dating site, it can take longer than expected to get results if you do not know how to come across as an attractive person. What you write in your profile on a dating site is important but your photos truly affect your reach. And photos with some hot tattoos are sure to get you some traction in the online world of dating.

Try Tattoos to Increase Chances of Casual Dating Success

Gone are the days when tattoos were only associated with the reckless and the rebellious. Today, tattoos are far from the bold social statement they used to be a few decades ago. Statistics show that about 4 in every 10 millennials now have a tattoo. Considering the popularity, you can even find niche dating sites exclusively designed for tattoo lovers. Getting a tattoo no longer means you have fringe values or support an unconventional lifestyle. The interest in modern ink art is truly making tattoos the new normal for young and mature people.

In most cases, tattoos, irrespective of their design, look bold and often serve as conversation starters. Studies showed that men find tattooed women a bit more approachable. The same holds for men. In fact, it is thought that your chances of landing a casual date and having sex with a tattooed partner are much higher than being with someone without a tattoo. It means that tattoos can instantly increase your magnetism and make the opposite sex gravitate toward you.

It is also thought that those who decide to ink their bodies are more adventurous by nature. Their risky behaviors make them look attractive to the opposite sex. Women say that something wild and cool about tattooed men instantly adds to their sex appeal. Similarly, those who are risk-takers are naturally more confident as well, and mature women find confidence sexy. The overall badassness that tags along a hot tattoo mark someone as confident and brave, which pays off in a romantic relationship.

What’s more, a tattoo is a lifelong commitment. It shows that the bearer of a tattoo is good at making tough decisions. They indicate depth and talk volumes about a man’s personality. When women see a man with a hot tattoo, they feel attracted, knowing that they are with someone who knows how to stand for something for life.

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Tattoo Designs to Maximize Your Magnetism

The interesting thing is that now you do not have to go with overly wild tattoos because classy tattoos work just as impressively. The design options are virtually unlimited. What you decide to get is not important, but why you choose that design matters. Everything from an eye-catching spider and dragonfly to alluring sea turtle and breathtaking skull tattoo designs goes well so long you know why you are getting it.

Your tattoo must have a story to share because how you perceive it is unique and gives someone a glimpse of your inner self. Pick a vibrant and wild tattoo if you have a quirky or bold personality. Pick the right dress to go with your tattoo because there is no point in getting a tattoo if you wear all the wrong outfits to conceal it.

The color options you pick will also help determine the outfits you can wear with them. Bring the swatches of your favorite colors to your tattoo artist and ask them for their advice. Let them show you the best way to incorporate those colors into your design.

Along with design and color, you should also pick the right place for your tattoo. Most women love it when you have a tattoo on your forearm. Getting one on your arms look hot but is also a major commitment. The underside of your wrist is a great place to get a hot tattoo design because it is not as wild as getting one on your arm.


Tattoos are no longer associated with bikers, sailors, and ballers. A lot has changed in recent times, making tattooed people as attractive as they can get. In fact, tattoos have become as much a part of society as ear piercings in some cultures. Using your tattoos correctly can help you build your personal brand and stand out from the crowd. It can be extremely useful in finding a mate in the world of online dating, where you are up against some serious competition. Let your tattoo speak for your personality, and ensure your hairstyle and dressing complement your tattoo to make you look irresistible, online and offline.