8 Situations When You’d Better Choose Casual Dating over a Committed Relationship

Sometimes it is better to avoid a relationship than to get in one to get hurt or take advantage of someone.

Today we’ll list 8 situations in which it’s wise to seek hookups over something serious. If you can relate to any of the things we’ll mention, it may be better for you and everyone around you to stop looking for a serious partner.

You’ve just got out of a serious relationship

Jumping from one serious relationship to another is a mistake millions of people worldwide make. It’s normal to seek consolation after breaking up with someone you’ve been seeing for a long time. But seeking comfort in another long-term relationship isn’t the solution. You and your partner will get hurt, and that’s impossible to avoid unless you turn to casual dating.

Forgetting someone is much easier after connecting with dozens of singles on the site for local hookups. No one there expects to fall in love and live happily ever after, so there’s no risk of giving false hope to anyone. It protects the feelings of everybody included and still provides a chance to get over the ex.

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You feel like experimenting

Experimenting and serious dating don’t go well together. Casual hookups are much better for trying different types of dating. Entering a relationship with someone just because of curiosity is evil. They might fall for you, and you’ll leave when you get bored of the experiment. We aren’t saying trying different things is negative, but there’s a place and the time for everything.

Also, being in a committed relationship closes many doors. Curious people get sad in relationships with partners who aren’t ready for experimenting. Even if their partners are open-minded, they prefer some things over others. In the end, that means there are fewer adventures as the relationship develops because they learn everything about each other. That can’t happen to people who date casually. There’s always someone new to meet with new ideas and new desires.

You don’t have time for romance

Building a committed relationship takes time and effort. Finding one is the meaning of life for some, but not everybody prioritizes love. Millions focus on personal growth, which leaves less time for serious dating. That doesn’t mean you need to turn off your desire to date. It just means it’d be better to focus on meeting other busy people looking for casual dates. You’ll understand each other without a problem, and no one will expect wonders from that relationship.

You’re not a monogamous type

You know those animals such as penguins that mate for life, making them so cute to girls? It turns out they’re the minority in the animal kingdom. A similar thing is with people too. Most of us can’t imagine waking up next to the same person forever. You’d say that stops people from entering committed relationships even though they know they won’t last.

But many guys and girls got burned by non-monogamous singles. Don’t start committed relationships if you can’t stand dating the same person for longer than a week. Turn to casual dating. Monogamy isn’t for everybody, and that’s fine, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just learn how to give yourself what you want.

You value personal freedom over everything

Some people don’t mind monogamy, but they can’t sacrifice their freedom for anyone. Millions of young people choose to stay single because they like doing whatever they want. Many combine traveling and dating, so they learn how to get cheap flights because their adventurous spirits can’t stay in the same spot for a long time. Making someone think you’re ready to give up on your freedom to disappoint them is evil, don’t do that.

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You’re sick of looking for your soulmate

Finding the one isn’t an easy task. After all, that’s one person in billions. But still, many singles can’t stop thinking about that one person they still haven’t met. That’s tiring, which drags people into depression and makes them start relationships with the wrong people. The best strategy to protect from that is to take the rest from the love-seeking quest. Focus on casual dating, make memories. Love will find you eventually.

You expect having a partner will fix your life

The only person that can fix your life is you. No one else is responsible for your position. People who think starting a committed relationship is the best way to get over personal issues aren’t only wrong, but they’re dangerous. Don’t be one of the singles who enters a relationship hoping it will solve everything and then blame their partners when the miracle doesn’t happen. Enjoy casual encounters instead and work on yourself.

You have no idea what you are looking for

You can’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Starting committed relationships out of boredom is silly, and it’s a mistake for you, and the other person will get hurt. But dating without commitment until you figure out what exactly you’re looking for isn’t hurting anyone and it helps spread joy.

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