How to properly express your needs when dating casually

When you’re a single focused on casual encounters, there can be a tendency to prioritize action over the emotional side of things. But you’ll have a much more fulfilling experience if you achieve a suitable balance between enjoying the physical interaction and paying due attention to how you feel about your partner. This applies whether you are indulging in a series of quick flings, or secretly hankering after something longer-term once you feel you’ve met someone special. So, the key question to be addressed is how casual daters should express these needs properly.

Self-reflecting to see your needs clearly

Although casual dating is all about forging a connection, reaching out to women or men you’re attracted to, and employing communication skills, the starting point needs to be more introspective. Before you even get to the stage of planning sexual datesonline or offline, take a step back to consider your own needs. After all, these are the most important factors of all. Your frame of mind will determine whether you are going to make a success of any venture. So, a few deep breaths, then take a moment to self-reflect. Think about everything in life you’ve reasons to be grateful for. Being single and ready for casual dates is one of these – you’re on the verge of potentially exciting adventures! You could also set yourself some goals. What do you hope to achieve? Just looking for women who are interested in casual sex or you may be after some kind of bond? Finally, a spot of meditation will help flush away anxiety, paving the way for more positive vibes.

Setting expectations online

The best way to set and manage your expectations is by going online. A world of opportunities waits at your fingertips, aswomen looking for sexcan be tracked down easily and conveniently by checking out the profiles on dating platforms. These apps and sites offer a secure environment where like-minded individuals can get to know each other, safe in the knowledge that all their sexting and DMs can be conducted in complete privacy. There will also be chat rooms and forums where you can get an overview of the casual hookup community, not only gaining an insight into the type of people who are seeking casual encounters but also widening your social circle.

Navigating first chats and beyond

A trickier part of the casual dating process is creating that initial spark, and then taking a real connection to the next level. The good news is the former should be straightforward, and the latter will follow from that naturally. A key aspect of meeting someone via your web browser is that you can fine-tune search forms to give you a good chance of finding someone compatible. Algorithms built into the software will also provide strong indications of which of the other site users would appear to be the most ideal match. You have the space to get to know them better, and this will allow you to develop a strong rapport. Once you’ve broken the ice in this way, arranging a sex date will seem the logical next step. When you get to the stage of building chemistry, the conversation should be flowing. You could cover all sorts of interesting topics, such as your favorite eating places, or the gifts you enjoy receiving at social gatherings. Don’t forget to make your needs heard to avoid frustration and spoiling the fling. Anything to keep the momentum going as your bond develops. Just apply a little imagination!

Defining limits for a hookup date

So much more planning your get-together. The next thing to consider is setting limits on how the date will progress. This might seem counterintuitive to having a relaxed and fun time, but it’s important to be mature about the situation. The nature of casual dating is neither of you will necessarily be anticipating anything longer-term. On the other hand, you need to be prepared for the possibility of sparks flying and keeping it casual could well become the last thing on your mind.  Anyway, both of you should feel safe and confident on a sex date, so defining and discussing your limits is crucial. Communication is everything. Be honest and open with each other, discussing your aspirations. If you both lay your cards on the table at an early stage of your relationship, nobody is going to end up disappointed further down the line.

From online to in-person communication

Finally, it would be worth underscoring the importance of expressing your needs when making the transition between chatting online and meeting face-to-face. Think carefully about the impression you’ve made when connecting virtually. It’s not uncommon for people to behave differently in person compared to the image they’ve projected while communicating on a website or app. Here’s a good tip. As well as DMs, you could always arrange a series of web chats. Once you’ve established trust, WhatsApp video calls can be an excellent way for you to build a much clearer picture of how things are likely to progress. Unline text exchanges, body language and inflexion of tone can say so much!