What Is Live Casino Gaming, and How Does It Work?

It used to be that you’d have a choice between going to a casino dressed to their requirements and could buy chips to bet on games, or going online to play digital casino games that are animated. Now, there’s live casino gaming, which has revolutionized the industry.

Starting with a few transformed classics, the demand and popularity of live casino games drove developers to expand studios, bring in new variants, and even introduce games that are brand new to the casino space. So, what is this form of gaming, how does it work, and what live games are there to play?

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Live casino expands the scope of what a casino game is


Anyone who goes to play live casino will likely find themselves looking at games that they never expected to find, some of which may even be a bit confusing to the everyday casino player. There are several variations of live roulette, live blackjack, live poker, and live baccarat, as you’d expect, but there’s also a whole host of live game shows and even live slots.

There are now wheel-spinners like Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live and Crazy Time, a casino revival of the classic show with Deal Or No Deal Live, and novelties like Mega Ball, Lightning Dice, and Sic-Bo Deluxe. Infusing the host with real-time play and community chat, there are now also live slot games. Played on a huge screen, players can spin together on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live and Buffalo Blitz Live.

The tech making live casino gaming happen

Naturally, the core technology behind live casino gaming is much of what all live streamers utilize. The games use HD cameras, lighting apparatus to illuminate the games, and high-definition microphones. ( What really makes live casino games tick, though, is the other pieces of technology that complement the standard live streaming gear to allow the games to be playable in real-time.

The first main bit of tech is optical character recognition software, which allows the cameras to pick up the numbers, symbols, and items shown on the table so that the game itself can track the actions and reward winning players. The part that accompanies this is the game control unit. This is the kit that makes the physical game digital, relaying information to dealers and players alike to keep it all fair and live.

A typical game at a live casino table


If you’re new to live casinos but not to table games, you can very much expect the same experience, just with smartphone screen taps or mouse clicks rather than physically moving chips. While all games are quite simple in their play, especially the game shows, it’s best if you learn to play the likes of roulette or blackjack before going into a live game.

Once you’re in, you’ll need to wait for the ongoing round to end and then weigh in when the betting window opens. Place your bets and then just sit back and wait for the round to finish or the next on-screen prompt for the next bet or action. During this, you can use the chat to communicate with the croupier or other players or just watch the action unfold.

Live casino gaming has transformed the online gaming space, not only delivering an experience akin to that of being in a casino hall but also bringing new games into the fold.

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