Love Unbound: The World of Open Relationships

Open relationships have become more common in modern times than ever in history. As the world becomes liberal each day, people are coming to terms with the fact that one can have multiple relationships simultaneously. Previously, these non-monogamous relationships used to be among indigenous communities living in the countryside, and even then, they used to be official, known and accepted socially. However, today, the story is a lot more different. Most people in open relationships have one publicly known partner and another or several other secret lovers. But all the same, modern society has grown to accept this new trend.

Changing Landscape of Romantic Relationships

Some years back, most progressive societies used to have closed conservative relationships. It was unheard of that married people, especially women, could look for extra partners. However, in the present world, things are pretty different. Most people are either in open relationships or have accepted them.

Among the younger and middle-aged generations, polyamorous relationships have become an acceptable concept. Certain individuals agree with each other to have multiple partners with whom they can be sexually active at the same time. These consensual non-monogamy relationships have emerged for several reasons, including polyamorous nature of some people. Other possible reasons for open relationships and datingmay be different libido levels within the couple, exploration to self-discover, having fun, and the need to fulfill unmet desires.

Simply put, open relationships are a form of social awakening that explores and makes datingand relationships more complex. Open relationships may transform into open marriages where established coupes have particular set of rules within personal boundaries. A good example is what is happening on online dating sites, where you can quickly come across people showing interested in a married hookup as a part of open marriage agreement. Some sites are designed explicitly for open and polyamorous dating while others may encompass several niches.

Influence of Technology and Online Dating

Though polyamorous relationships existed long before the emergence of online dating or the technology that supports it, their presence has boosted it. Technology has undoubtedly shaped dating in unimaginable ways and for the best. Here are a few ways technology and online dating influenced open relationship dating.

  1. It’s now easier for polyamorous daters to find a compatible partner.
  2. Many people may get the senseof the idea of open dating.
  3. Online dating gives the necessary discretion that daters in open relationships may prefer.
  4. With this technology, you can find where to meet and how to approach polyamorous daters.
  5. Using online dating platforms, it’s now easier to plan for a physical meetup date.

Reasons to Form Open Relationships

People have varying reasons why they may want to engage in open relationships. The choices largely depend on individual or a couple’s preferences. Nevertheless, here are three key reasons you may find people engaging in open relationships.

1)   Being in love with more than one person

When it comes to love, it happens to us differently. While an individual may only be in love with one person, someone else could genuinely be attracted to several persons. If you are in such a situation, the solution could be getting involved in polyamorous dating. Again, consider dating someone who is also open to such an arrangement to avoid future confrontations with them.

2)   Different sex drive in a couple

Some people just want to have fun and try different sexual encounters. This might be the largest group of people who engage in open relationships. If you and your partner want to explore new sexual activities with another couple, you can consider yourself in a polyamorous relationship.

3)   Desire for additional freedom and variety

Under this approach of open relationship, you consider yourself a person not committed to a single individual. However, you could be involved with multiple partners all at the same time. Again, the goal for this type of relationship is sexual satisfaction and exploration, but not for anything serious to come out of it.

Communications and Boundaries

Like all the other types of dating or relationships, communication, and boundaries are essential since making assumptions or going silent when you are not okay could break the relationship. Open relationships function best when participants are honest. Hiding it will only lead to a disastrous end, which is not what you want. One way to guarantee successful dating in an open relationship is by being honest or transparent. Letting your partners know what you will and won’t tolerate would be great. Second, you should know how to navigate jealousy and insecurity. You can do this by accepting that your partners, too, have expectations and desires.


With all fairness, love can’t be bound. We live in a world where people want to explore their sexual desires, and open relationships are an excellent choice.